I forgot something.

About blogging.

I forgot that sometimes you can throw something out into the blogging universe, and the universe hears you.

And answers.

Look what I got yesterday.


Macaroons. From Pistacia Vera.

As noted in my last post, they are the most delightful bits of heaven.

They are dainty and small.

So, you must eat more than one.

This is a mocha flavored morsel.

Oh. Yes.


What makes this my favorite sweet treat is:

1. The crisp and slightly crunchy exterior.

2. The soft and chewy interior.

3. The creamy goodness of the ganache (or buttercream- depends on the flavor) glue that holds the whole she-bang together.


Now, don’t be discouraged.

If you were planning on getting me these exact macaroons, and you are disappointed that someone beat you to the punch… I will gladly accept more.

After all, I shall not deny the universe of the gifts it desires to give me.


It is Tuesday, my friends.

Make it a delightful one.