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Today I made 17 dozen snickerdoodles.

That’s a lot of dang doodles.

I think there is still some butter and cinnamon shellacked to my hand.


My sister gets married two weeks from Saturday.

And at her wedding (like all of our family weddings), there will be a cookie table.

And all of those women in her life that love her will contribute to the table.

And all the guests shall partake.

She sure is lucky to have a sister like me.

Actually, I take that back.

I’m the lucky one.

Jessica is fiercely loyal, one of my best friends, hilarious, kind, smart and fun. And she is my sister.

For those of you that have sisters (with whom you have a close relationship), you understand the magnitude of the relationship and the joy that comes with seeing your sister happy.

I am so so so excited for August 17. I cannot wait to celebrate Jessica and Adrian.

Photo courtesy of Darrin Ballman



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