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If you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for me, look no further than J. Crew. I pretty much love everything that the store has to offer.

So, while I’m not shopping there for myself right now, don’t be surprised if you get your holiday gift from me- and it’s from J. Crew.

The store, for me, is perfection because the clothes aren’t complicated and they are classically stylish. I’m not a fashion-forward dresser, so I like it when I can buy something off of the rack and have it just work for me.

Have you ever owned cashmere?

If you haven’t, I don’t recommend it. Because it will ruin you.

Every other shirt will forever feel itchy and miserable.

I love this simple cashmere pullover. I’ll take one in every color…

Sequins and silk- yes please!

How perfect is this shirt for the holidays?

You can layer it up for colder days, and you can wear it all the way through the summer.

I’m obsessed with crisp white collared shirts.

Anyone of any size can wear one, and I think they look great on everyone.

I like to wear mine (and I have quite a few) under a blazer (from where else? J.Crew!).

I couldn’t find my exact black blazer, but this one is pretty similar.

Nothing does more for a waistline than a blazer.

I promise.

Wear it with some skinny black jeans and some knee/thigh high black boots.


Here are some more things I love.

Yes, I know.

I have a problem.

I really only like neutrals. I would bet that more than half of my closet is white, black, or gray- and I’m ok with that!

I wear color from time to time, but black and white does it for me.

J. Crew has mens and kids clothes too, of course.

Now, I do recognize that these clothes may be a bit pricey for some, but I have a solution!! Visit your local outlet store. In Cincinnati, there are 2 J.Crew outlets within an hour of me… aren’t I lucky!!??

And here is my stance on paying more for clothes. You are paying for quality. When you spend more, you can expect more for the clothes. And if you choose timeless pieces, then you can wear them for several seasons.

I recommend buying the really trendy stuff from a place like Forever 21 or H&M where the prices are dirt cheap. Because, if after a season, you are over the clothes- you can get rid of them guilt-free.

Anywho, I’m hoping to (gulp) get out to the stores this weekend. Hope you are enjoying your holiday season thus far!

Happy weekend!


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