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The Forgotten One.

The one that is never chosen.

The one that sits all by itself while every other is lovingly picked out, scrubbed clean, and then carefully prepared.

What is this unfortunate of unfortunates?

Carrots, of course.

If you are like me… and for your sake, I hope you aren’t… carrots are the perfect vegetable to pack in a lunch on a day that you are desperate to sneak in something healthy at the last minute.

Then, by lunch time you begrudgingly pull out your carrots and choke them down.

All the while, you are wishing you would have stuffed that bag with Dortitos.

I have been. there.

A while back, the old carrot was forever redeemed.

You see, we had dinner at our friend Chef Michael’s house, and he sauteed up some carrots. And they were life-changingly good.

Prior to that meal, cooked carrots were not an option at this house.

They conjured up images of school cafeteria lunches. Soft vegetables. With an overabundance of mushy carrots and lima beans.

Um. No thanks.

But Chef Michael’s carrots. Ooh, these were different. And I knew my life, at least where carrots were concerned had been forever altered.

So, without further ado, I give you my interpretation (which is no doubt less delicious, but still pretty darn good) of Chef Michael’s sauteed carrots.

Start with a non stick pan over high heat.

The pan should have about 1/4 inch of water in it.
Bring the water to a boil.

And drop in your peeled and chopped carrots. The carrots should be a relatively uniform size so that they cook in the same amount of time. I used four carrots for two people which really didn’t end up looking like a whole lot.

Let those carrots cook in the water until they start to soften. I like mine still pretty crunchy so I let them cook for about 3 minutes. If you want them softer, cook them longer. Test them for your desired softness by poking them gently with a fork.

When they are as soft as you want them to be, drain off all of the water.

And drop a glob of butter in the pan.

I used less than one T. of butter for the four carrots I was cooking up.

Then, oh boy oh boy, drop in some brown sugar.

This adds a little sweetness and caramelization to the carrots.

I used about 1/2 T. of brown sugar.

Stir that all around.

Add a sprinkle of salt- about 1/4 t.

And a shot of pepper.

About 1/8 t.

And stir it all together.

See how the butter and brown sugar start to turn into a deliciously caramel consistency? Well, that coats your carrots and turns them into magical bites of delight.

I do declare, carrots shall never be forgotten again!

I will choose YOU carrots.

The perfect accompaniment for any meal.


Hope you all had a weekend as lovely as mine.



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