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There is only one way.

Count it.


One way that our dogs play nicely together.

What is the mystery toy that brings them together, you might ask?

The rope toy.

The glorious rope toy that will inevitably end up shredded on our carpet.

They don’t last long in this house.

Lola is the instigator 99% of the time in this house. She is the puppy. The baby. The supreme ding-dong.

Miss tolerates her instigation for about 2.6 seconds.

Then, Miss gives her a warning in the form of a bark. And Lola happily trots outside to entertain herself with bird watching and chasing. Or digging holes. She really likes to dig when the ground is good and muddy.

So yeah, that’s awesome.

However, the rope toy brings out the wild child in Miss.

The past several mornings, we have come downstairs to find Miss waiting for us patiently (yes, poor old gal is too old and arthritic to climb the stairs at night) with the rope toy in hand. And by hand, I of course mean mouth… because, well she’s a dog.

She first attempts to engage Brad.

If he doesn’t play, she moves on to me.

If I’m busy, Lola serves as her last resort.

Miss taunts Lola with the treasured rope toy, and eventually Lola can’t stand the mocking invitation to engage any longer.

Begin Tug-O’-War.

I need to try to capture some audio of the game.

Because it sounds like we are running a dog fight club in our house.

The growling is outrageous.

And I find it a bit hilarious because both of our dogs are completely harmless.

But the rope toy brings out the warrior in them.

And victory is the only option.

They tug and pull and drag each other around the house.

Until Miss tires.

Or Lola gets distracted (which, lets be honest, happens after about 1 min.).

But for a few glorious minutes, these ding-a-lings like each other. And play together. And share the love and desire of the oh-so-incredible rope toy.

Its a rainy day here in the Nati. I anticipate a full on tug-of-war bracket-style competition by day’s end.


I didn’t think so.

Seriously though, how cute are our pups? I love them.


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