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I have decided that this shall be my last post before Christmas. I’m taking the holiday season off from looking at a computer screen!

However, I couldn’t leave for the holidays without sharing pictures of the Reindog Parade that Brad, Lola, and I attended this year in Cincinnati.

The annual parade is put on by the SPCA in Cincinnati. It raises money for the fabulous SPCA that humanely cares for dogs and cats that are awaiting adoption.

If you are at all in the market for a pup, I would strongly encourage you to adopt a dog.

Here is a list of dogs available right now at the Cincinnati SPCA.

Warning: Clicking on the link will melt your heart, and it may make you  really want a new pet.

Check out the dogs.

Anyhow, for this Reindog parade, owners dress their dogs up and then they have a parade through the picturesque hills of Mt. Adams. People line the streets to watch the dogs parade around in their costumes.

Here is a sampling of what we saw:

I’m a sucker for a Great Dane. I think they are so majestic looking (I mean, when they AREN’T donning a Christmas quilt around their neck), and they all seem to be so good natured. This guy looked so happy to be decked out in Christmas gear, right?

Is it just me or do all poodles look like complete ding-a-lings? Seriously, look at that dog.

Check out this Christmas court jester. Loving life.

Then, there’s Lola. She was so embarrassed she didn’t have a special Christmas outfit.

She couldn’t bear to show her face.

It was either that, or she really hates it when we put the gentle leader on her.

Side Note: If I were Oprah, I would give away gentle leaders to all dog owners. Best. Investment. Ever.

This is a pack of angry killer dogs.

Dressed in their Scottish Tartan Plaids claiming allegiance to their homeland.



Something like that.

I’ll give you a dollar if you can tell me what kind of dog that is.

It looks like it would be the evil Queen’s dog in a Disney movie.

I swear to you this dog is giving me the stink eye.

He must hate the paparazzi.

I think this dog is about as precious as they come.

I bet she’s stuck up though.

She has that air about her.

Red and white sweater.


Green Scarf.


Dog in misery.


Leah thoroughly entertained.

Double check.

I shall end with this precious pup. I had to get a picture of her nails. They were meticulously painted by her owner.

I asked the owner if I could take a picture, and she happily agreed.

I swear to you, I aimed my camera at the pup, and she winked at me.


Look at the picture above.

She is winking.



And then.


Without missing a beat.

She lifted her paw.

To show me her manicure.

Like a lady.

Then the pup whispered to me,

“Polished nails, polished lady.”

No. Joke.

Reindog parade 2010.

There you have it.

I’m wishing you all the Merriest Christmas. Take a moment to soak in the precious time spent with friends and family. Eat lots. Love on those people in your life that you only get to see at Christmas. Build tolerance for some of those people you only have to see at Christmas. Give thanks.

And then have a safe and fun New Years.



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