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Sunday brought sun and warmth to Cincinnati.

I actually wasn’t sure it was ever going to show up.

If you are an Ohioan, please make me feel less crazy and confirm that this was officially the longest winter ever.

I’m pretty sure it was.

So, Sunday dawned gloriously warm- over 80 degrees.

80 degrees+sun=blissfully happy Leah.

Our poor yard needed some serious tending to so that was the deal for the day.

We went to the nursery, and we loaded up on a tree, a bush, and all of my herbs for the summer season.

And by the time we got home we needed some lunch for fuel before toiling in the fields.

Want to know what I made?

The most summery dish I could think of.

Was it nutritious?


Was it locally grown?


Was it at least organic?

Um. Absolutely. Nope.

Was it definitively summer and delicious?


So, who cares about the rest?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the hot dog.

On a grill.

Because truth be told, even someone like me… who prides herself on home-cookin’, heathy eatin’, and responsible food choices… needs a dirty dog every now and then.

I sauteed up some onion and banana peppers to top off the dogs.

Served up with potato salad and fruit salad.

It is the perfect lunch to kick off the spring/summer.

Oh, and did I mention that I drank some Fresca with this fabulous meal?

There is not a drink much better than Fresca.

That is a fact.

Look it up in the encyclopedia… under the letter “F”.

Those dirty dogs fueled a full afternoon of digging and planting and soaking up the rays. We got all of the planting finished, then had dinner over at Brad’s aunt and uncles house. Glorious.

Today, the skies opened up and watered our plants in their brand new home.




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