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Have you read this book?

I hadn’t either until this past week.

My cousin’s bride-to-be, who is a food, wine, and literature lover (yes, she will fit right in with this family) recommended this fun and fascinating read.

Garlic and Sapphires is a memoir written by Ruth Reichl who chronicles her tenure as the Restaurant Critic for the New York Times.

It is a light and easy read that pulled me into the world of the best restaurants of NYC. The author took me on a culinary adventure through the city’s best and worst restaurants with her delectable detail of every morsel of food she consumed.

What makes this book even more interesting is the fact that Ruth was so uber recognizable in the city that she had to develop disguises and characters to go unnoticed as a critic in the restaurants. It was fascinating to see how the critic acted and was treated when she was in character.

The book is peppered with Ruth’s favorite recipes, and it is a must read for any food lover.

This summer, if you are headed to the beach, this is the perfect light-hearted read.

Happy Monday Friends!


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