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Are you familiar with

Etsy is a commerce website that features homemade and vintage items made or restored or found by sellers.

It is also a black hole for time.

When I log on to Etsy, I need to reserve a serious block of time. I get sucked in to searching for treasures.

Treasures that I never knew I needed.

Etsy has furniture like this:

This is a bench made from a headboard. Clever, right?

And I think I need it.

Etsy also has jewelry.

I love this casual leather cuff.

And for a more fancy affair, how about these beauties?

Or these?

Jewelry or furniture- not your thing?

How about treasures for your home?

Like a vintage looking chalkboard:

Or these screen printed napkins:

Are you getting married?

Yep, Etsy has goodies for that too!

How about these tins as favors?

Or this frame?

Ok, that is all that I will share for today.

I know some very talented people that sell their handmade goods on Etsy. So, set aside an hour or 8 and check out this site.

It is full of the loveliest lovelies, and you are supporting an individual that is crafting each creation his or herself!

Happy Friday!


Sigh. I’m in love.

With these…

These cards are individually printed from a hand-carved block by a young gal that I was introduced to by Ms. Natalie.

She studied printmaking in India with a master printer.

I love the red and tan.

But, I also love the pink.

Yes, I think I must have the pink.

She also has pillows, journals, and help me now… tote bags.

I love, love the cards. And I may need to re-paint a room so that the pillow above has somewhere in my house to belong.

Check her out. You’ll be supporting a woman-owned small business, and you’ll have treasures unlike anyone else’s.



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