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I think that is what Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec would call this recipe.

Please tell me you are watching Parks and Rec.

Best sitcom on TV- hands down.


The long name of this dinner is Buffalo Chicken Tacos. I found a folder on my desktop called BuffChicTac, and I realized with horror that I never posted this gem of a dinner.

If you love all things buffalo flavored, these bad boys will be right up your alley.

Before I start cooking the chicken, I like to get my toppings ready to go. A little shredded cheddar, some chopped tomatoes, some lettuce and yummy blue cheese dressing (or actual blue cheese would work too) is all ya need.

Now move all of your toppings out of your way. You need to set up a little assembly line to pan fry your chicken.

For your assembly line:

A bowl with one egg and 1 c. of milk whisked together

A shallow dish with 1 c. of flour, salt and pepper

Some chopped up chicken

Now heat up your oil in a skillet to medium heat.

Take each chunk o’ chicken and cover it in flour.

Baptize that chicken in your milk and egg mix.

Then send it back to the flour once again.

Take that perfectly coated chicken morsel- along with all of his chicken morsel friends- and drop them oh-so-carefully into the pan.

Brown them on all sides.

Then remove those chicken buddies from the pan onto a paper towel lined paper to drain some of the oil.

Wipe out your pan.

Then place your pan back on the burner (over low heat) and pour in 1/2 c. of Franks red hot. Mix in 3 T. of butter.

And it magically turns into a radioactive looking buffalo sauce.

Seriously, someone tell me how to take pictures of orange and red at night?

I’m totally clueless, obviously.

Once that sauce is heated through, give your chicken a quick toss in the heated spicy buttery good stuff.

All that is left to do is build your taco.

It only feels right to eat these in a soft taco shell- not a crisp one. But I suppose you can do whatever you want.

But just know that if you eat it in a crispy shell, you are making the wrong decision.

Roll it up.

Shove in mouth.


Enjoy those Buff Buff Chicky Tacs my friends!!

Have a good one, will ya?

And watch Parks and Rec tonight. I have a feeling you will love it!


P.S If you are interested, all episodes of Parks and Rec are available for free on Hulu. So you can get caught up from the first 3 seasons if you haven’t been watching. Seriously, do it.

How on earth have I never made a deep dish pizza before this week?

What is wrong with me?

It is so super duper easy.

Start by preheating your oven to 475.

I’m sure that this isn’t an original idea, but I felt like a genius when I thought to use a spring form pan.

So, I used this recipe to make the pizza crust. After it was done rising, I used my fingers to spread it into a non-stick sprayed pan.

I popped that into the oven for about 8 minutes to just precook the crust a bit. I like a crispy, slightly browned crust. If you don’t care about a crispier crust, you can totally skip that step.

Once slightly cooked, I put a teeny bit of sauce on the bottom of the crust, and then layered on the cheese.

You know that cheese goes on the bottom of a deep dish pizza, right?

Spicy italian sausage- all cooked up

Then some pepperoni

And some slightly sauteed spinach (mostly to get some of the moisture out)

Some sauteed shallots and banana peppers

Sauteed crimini mushrooms

And green olives on my half only

Sauce on top

And a sprinkle of parmesan cheese, a dash of Italian seasoning and some garlic powder

Baked at 475 for about 25 minutes.

Bubbly and piping hot.

Let it cool for a few minutes.

Then, BLAM-O.

Remove your spring form pan for a perfect deep this pizza.

I’m so impressed with myself!

Slice out a hunk for you and one for someone special in your life.

Apologize profusely for the strange color of this pizza… I don’t know how to take pictures of red things at night.


Serve it up with a green salad.


And the best part… this recipe is totally customizable by you!!!

You can make it anyway you want. Add in or leave out any ingredient that doesn’t suit your fancy.

I kind of want to try a deep dish pizza that is filled with only cheese. Like 5 different kinds of melty cheese. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Happy Hump Day!



Hi peeps!

It is Friday.

And tomorrow is Bradley’s birthday.

And those two facts make me quite happy.

I’ve been on the road a bit this week. Thus, I have been a very bad blogger.

But, I’m baaaaaaaaack!

And today, I’m talking barbecue. And calzones.


You heard me right.

Lets get started, shall we?

Preheat your oven to 375.

Get some chicken.

Two large chicken breasts make two large calzones.

Get out a non-stick pan, and put some oil into the pan over medium-high heat.

Do you have chipotle chile powder?

It is chile powder made from smoked chiles.

If you don’t have the chipotle chile powder, don’t fret!

You can use plain ole chili powder.

I won’t judge you.


Give your chicken breasts a healthy coating of chili powder, a sprinkle of salt, and a dusting of pepper.

Now drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil onto the chicken breasts, and give your oil and spices a good rub.

Pop those bad boys face-down into your heated pan.

Warning: You may experience some coughing or a runny nose from the heat hitting the chili powder.

Sorry bout that.

If the weather is nice, I would recommend doing the cooking portion on the grill. However, I made these on a rainy day.

While the first side is cooking (for about 5 min), give the other side the chili, salt, and pepper treatment.

After the first side has cooked for about 5 minutes, give the breasts a flip.

Now, cover them with foil. This helps the chicken cook through a little faster.

Leave it alone to cook for 5 minutes.

Meat cooks best when you don’t mess with it.

Don’t press on it.

Don’t move it around.

Don’t poke it.

Just leave it be.

Take an onion and remove the peel.

Cut the onion in half, and then slice it into half moons.

Take your chicken breasts out of the pan.

Give it a quick wipe down, then add some fresh oil (still over med-high heat).

Throw your onions into the pan.

I did not take a pic.

I’m a failure.

Push the onions around a bit, and allow them to brown up.

Now to our chicken. When you pull it out of the pan, let it sit on your cutting board for a few minutes before messing with it.

Cutting into the chicken too early will let all of the juices drip out.

And we want the juice IN the chicken.

Slice it.

Grab your favorite BBQ sauce.

I chose Montgomery Inn BBQ Sauce- a Cincinnati favorite.

Give your chicken a drizzle while it is still pretty darn hot.

Then, massage the sauce into the meat.

Chop it up even more finely.

Little bite-sized morsels.


Onions should be about done now.

I put a little sprinkle of salt and pepper on the onions.

Because I’m naughty.

Pile up all of your desired calzone fillings.

I have sauteed onions, my bbq chicken, some cooked up bacon, shredded pepper jack cheese, and some chopped cilantro.

Now take out some pizza dough.

I had some homemade dough, but there are lots of great options in the grocery store,

Trader Joes makes a great fresh pizza dough for $.99. That is my store brand favorite.

I cut my dough in half.

Then rolled out the first calzone.

I try to get the dough into a an oval shape.

Pile up some chicken on one half of the calzone.

Top the chicken with some onions.

How about some bacon?

Yes, please!

Oooh-eee.. chopped cilantro is next.

Now, some crazy people don’t like cilantro. If that is you, I’m sorry.

I guess if you don’t like cilantro, you could use some green onion or chives instead.

Lots of cheese, please!

Now, use a little olive oil as your glue to secure the two sides of the calzone together.

Use a fork to seal it up.

And then trim any extra dough off of the edge.

Give the top of the calzone several pokes with a fork to allow steam to escape while they are baking.

Put your calzones on the a non-stick pan.

Give them a brush of olive oil, and give it a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Pop it into the oven for about 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, the calzones come out browned and beautiful.

And smelling good.

A half of a calzone was the perfect serving size.

The perfect pairing? A big green salad.

Not too shabby, right?

Have a great weekend pals.



OK, People.

I am about to change your life.

I am going to be like Bob and Jillian to the folks on Biggest Loser.

I am going to be like Jack LeLane to the juicing world.

I am going to be like Mark Zuckerberg to the world of social networking.

I am going to introduce you to Cilantro Chutney.

I have no clue how I only discovered this delightful delectable deliciousness over the past weekend.

I am angered at the unjustness of the world that Cilantro Chutney has been withheld from me until now.

And I am forever grateful to my dear Dr. Sister for introducing me to it.

Are you ready for it?

OK, here we go.

The chutney recipe actually comes from my sisters boyfriend’s momma. And for the rest of my life, I shall owe her a huge debt of gratitude.

To make the chutney, combine the following in a food processor:

1 1/2 c. chopped cilantro
2 T. lemon juice
1/2 onion, chopped
1/8 t. salt
1/2 t. sugar
1/2 c. grated unsweetened coconut- you must find the unsweetened kind, it is in the baking aisle usually near the chocolate chips
1 jalapeno, chopped
2 T. water

And, there you have it.

Thank you, and goodnight.

I kid, I kid.

I’ll tell you how I have been enjoying this yummy, spicy, sweet, savory treat.

Idea #1:

Get a container of this:

Dump it into a bowl with a couple of huge tablespoons of the chutney.

Stir it up.


Store it in the same container it came in- yay for recycling.

Slather some of that on toasted goodness.

Or on a turkey sandwich.

Or on a Triscuit.

Yep, that is Gooooooooooood.

Slap a label on it so you can find it easily time and time again.

I promise you…

This will not last long in your fridge.

Idea #2

An easy chip dip

Get a container of this stuff:

Toss a little (1/2 c.) in a bowl and top with a heaping tablespoon of the chutney.

Mix it up.

Then, take a corn chip and dip it!

Or, use my husbands favorite chip to dip… the BBQ chip!

This combo is especially tasty because the spiciness of the BBQ chip pairs perfectly with the bright cilantro and sweeter coconut flavor of the chutney.

Of you can use the old standby for dipping… the pretzel!

Idea #3:

Use it to make a yummer yummer in my tummer dinner.

Fry some bacon (6 pieces for dinner for 2 plus a portion for leftovers).

Hello, Lover.

Drain that pan of the bacon fat.

Slice half of an onion. I used red, but you can use whatever you’ve got!

Drop that in your hot pan to caramelize and cook.

Put some chicken breasts or chicken tenders on a plate.

I had left chicken defrosting in the fridge all day, and it was not close at all to being 100% defrosted when I was ready to use it.

So, I cheat the defrosting process along by chopping the chicken into bite sized chunks.

Within minutes, the chicken is thawed.


Sprinkle on some seasoned salt and lemon pepper (there is lemon juice in the chutney, and the lemon pepper chicken pairs great with that!).

Mix it up.

Rub the seasonings in.

Toss that chicken into the same pan that had cooked your bacon, then onions.

Make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly after handling all of that raw chicken.

Cook that chicken through.

If you use the pre-sliced chunks o’ chicken, they will cook pretty quickly. 3-5 minutes, and they are done.

Right before pulling the chicken off of the heat, I added in a few dashes of worcestershire and hot sauce.

Lets wrap it up.

Grap a wrap or tortilla (or bread or bun or whatever you have on hand).

Put down a sprinkle of cheese and then top that with your hot chicken.

Grab your sour cream/chutney sauce.

I actually added another tablespoon of the chutney to make the flavors even more pronounced.

Slather some of that on your sandwich.

Top with some of your caramelized onions.

And some crumbled bacon.

I happened to have a perfectly ripe avocado, so I threw it on too!

Wrap it up!

I served it with green beans from a can.

CONFESSION: green beans from a can are my secret vegetable pleasure… although, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a whole lot of nutritional value left in them when they turn that canned shade of green.

And I also made a simple spinach salad with fried goat cheese rounds on top… that recipe is coming tomorrow!

I am telling you.

I know cilantro is not for everyone. However, if you are like me and love the stuff… you cannot live one more day without cilantro chutney in your life.

For if you do, you will certainly look back with regret on all of the time lost living without the chutney.

I’m not even exaggerating.


I’m not.

Believe me?


Happy Hump Day Peeps,


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