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I witnessed a murder on Monday.

It was done in cold blood. And I’m serious when I say it was right in front of my eyes.

This story is not for the faint of heart, but I feel it my duty to share with you the nitty gritty details.

I had Lola on a leash, and we were taking a leisurely stroll when we were both distracted by something on the ground.

Her hound nose was instantly drawn to it, and I feared it was a dead animal. Dogs LOVE dead animals for some reason. Specifically, my dogs love to roll in them. I have heard that this is because of their carnivore instincts- rolling in a dead animal masks their own dog smell making it easier for dogs to hunt their prey.

If you have ever been around a dog that has rolled in death, you know the scent… it is a scent to be avoided.

So, as Lola pulls herself toward the mysterious scent on the ground, I am trying desperately to pull her away from it.

Then, it happened.

In a split second, Lola dove nose first into what turned out not to be a dead animal, but rather, a mouse nest.

And she pulled out a live mouse.

She chomped on it in front of my eyes and the mouse let out a sound like a dog squeaky toy.

And I let out a noise like I was being mauled by a bear.

And boy, did that get Lola excited.

I freaked out. And that is the understatement of the century. I screamed for Brad even though he was not anywhere within earshot. Lola was so proud of her new squeaky toy that she was running after me trying desperately to show me her treasure up close. I, in turn, was trying to run away from her. However, I couldn’t risk dropping the leash and having her run off into the street.

So, somehow I get all tangled up in the leash and end up on my rear end on the very wet pavement scooting backwards still trying to avoid the now dead mouse being dropped in my lap.

In the midst of my flailing around on the ground, I skinned my elbow.

Eventually, I found my way to my feet.

Lola dropped the mouse. Apparently, she was over it.

And I spent a good five minutes looking around to insure that no one saw the hot mess called Leah. Seriously, my reaction was totally ridiculous. You would have thought that Lola had a live rattlesnake in her mouth.


So, after she dropped the mouse, we simply walked on.

But, the experience was highly traumatic. That poor little mouse. I keep thinking it was probably just having a lovely nap in it’s nest fully protected from the rain, when it’s murderer came upon it and snuffed out it’s life. I just keep hoping the poor mouse wasn’t a mama mouse that was in the middle of feeding her babies. Those poor mouse babies will need serious therapy some day if so.

I don’t especially care for mice. However, that little guy seemed to be minding his (or her) own business in a grassy area in his own little nest. And now he is chewed up and spit up on the sidewalk. And somehow I have a skinned elbow because of it.

So, today…

In honor of all of the fallen mice everywhere…

Mice that went looking for warmth in a person’s home and met the dreaded mouse trap, mice that tried to cross a street and met with a cars tires, or mice that were minding their own business and met a nosy hound that turned them into a squeaky plaything…

I shall share with you a dish that is my favorite… and I’m certain it would be a mouse’s favorite.

I give you cheese.

Specifically, brie.

This recipe will make you the star of any party from here on out. It is the easiest thing in the world to make, and it goes like hotcakes (actually, do hotcakes really go all that fast?) at any gathering.

And honestly, it isn’t really even a recipe. It is 3 ingredients piled together. So, this one is an easy one my friends.

First, get out a really tacky disposable tin baking dish like the one pictured below.

Don’t judge me.

I was going for easy clean up here.

Seriously, buy a wheel of brie.

Choose the size you need based on the number of people that will be partaking. I bought only a small wheel because I was making this for four people.

Unwrap your brie, and drink in it’s glorious goodness.

I chose a double cream brie.

Sweet sassy molassey.

Now, I carefully turn my wheel o’ brie on it’s side to carefully slice off the waxy top. This is not a necessary step, but it makes the cheese retrieval much easier. Plus, I don’t really groove on the waxy flavor.

Just be careful to not remove the ooey gooey good stuff on the inside.

Here the brie is sitting in my fine china awaiting the next step.

Don’t worry if there are bits of waxiness left on top. It doesn’t matter in the least.

This is the step where we move from not-so-bad for ya to downright naughty.

Take some butter and spread it across the top of your brie.

I use the same amount of butter I would use to butter a piece of toast.

Get out a bag of light brown sugar.

And go from naughty to downright sinful.

Pile some of that brown sugar on top of your buttered brie.

Now, here comes the magic.

Pop that brie into the oven. Whenever I make this, there is usually something else cooking in the oven. So I throw the cheese in at whatever temp. The goal is to melt the cheese. So, at 400 it takes about 10 minutes. At 300, it takes about 20 minutes.

And here is the magic… when you are pregnant, you are told to avoid soft cheeses. Why? Well, the bacteria listeria of course. What you actually have to avoid is unpasteurized cheese- and those are actually pretty difficult to find in America. However, if you do happen upon an unpasteurized brie… it doesn’t even matter for this recipe. Because you are going to get the cheese so hot that if there were any listeria living in there- it will be killed by the heat.

Yay for that.

This is what the brie looks like in all of it’s glory after baking away.

Because the cheese is so rich and sweet, I like to serve it with a good sturdy and grainy cracker.

Here I have Whole Grain Wheat Thins, and they may just be the perfect accompaniment.

I had to taste test one (or 50) of these.

Truly, melt in your mouth delicious.

This is the perfect appetizer for a date night with your special someone- simply buy a smaller wedge of brie- or it is perfect for the biggest party of the year. Or, you could serve it up to your favorite mouse.

I promise that you will not go home with leftovers. Ever.

Yes, it is that good.

So, I leave you with that.

Happy Tuesday to people and mice everywhere.



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