I’m on vacation, and I just finished the book The Tender Bar. I’ve been on a roll reading memoirs as of late, and J.R. Moehringer’s story stirred up empathy, hope and a sense of gratitude for the good people in the world.

J.R.’s father takes an early exit from his life, and he is raised by his mother- sometimes living in his tumultuous grandparent’s house, sometimes living in a shabby apartment, sometimes in Manhassat (the town that the Fitzgerald modeled The East Egg in The Great Gatsby after) and sometimes in desolate Arizona.

Instability is a theme of Moehringer’s life until one day he joins his uncle at Publicans, the neighborhood Manhassat bar. There he meets the most colorful cast of characters that help to mold him into a man taking the place of his detached and alcoholic semi-famous father.

I was swept into the world of Publicans and I felt real affection for the fascinating men (and women) who insert themselves into J.R.’s life.

This book is different than my normal fare, but I cannot encourage you enough to pick up the memoir. I know that you, like me, will be swept into this story. You will hope for J.R.- for his growth, his success, his healing and for his people, the men of Publicans. It is a non-traditional, touching love story.

I’m starting The Night Circus today. Anyone read it?

Hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday!