I love a handmade gift.

Like so much.

I think that I mustn’t be alone.

The mountains of people I know that frequent sites like Etsy and Pinterest leads me to believe that all things handmade are experiencing a bit of a comeback.

Our good good friends had twin girls 3 months before Henry was born. They are beautiful girls with amazing parents. The parents maintain a blog of the gals for family and friends to keep up on their progress.

One day, I was checking in on the twinsies and I became obsessed with their little pink and blue hats. I needed one immediately for Henry.

So, I started stalking the twin’s Aunt Meghann because she was the purveyor of the goods.

She crocheted this hat for Henry in no time at all.

I think she needs to open an Etsy page, non?

Thanks Meghann!

I think his mama needs a matching one now. Hint. Hint.

Could you just fall over from all of that cuteness?


Me too.

Happy Friday Friends!