And B is for Baking.

And L is for Leah.


Leah + Baking= Fail


It is true.

I attempted to bake three different things during the holidays.

And I managed to mess up all three things.

I’m bad at following precise directions, and baking requires a strict adherence to the rules.

1. I made lemon bars.

And I forgot to cook the crust first.

I somehow skipped right over the part that said I should cook the crust.

I read “allow the crust to cool”. I thought “how odd” to myself, and I put the crust dough already pressed into the pan (but NOT baked) into my fridge to cool.

I am a supreme ding a ling.

So, I pulled the chilled, uncooked crust out of the fridge, poured on the lemon topping and then realized my idiocy. I then baked off the bars and they tasted ok, but they weren’t at all bars.

Rather, they were a pasty lemony substance that needed a spoon to consume.

Pretty, non?

2. White Chocolate, Raspberry Macadamia Nut Cookies

My dear aunt that lives in Hilo, HI gifted me a couple of huge bags of macadamia nuts. I seriously love macadamia nuts, and I was pumped to use them in some cooking.

While I was making said cookies, I lost count of my cups of flour. In retrospect, I definitely shortchanged the recipe.

This was apparent when my cookies came out wafer thin and falling apart.

Oh- and I was too lazy to chop my macadamia nuts. So, they are super flat cookies with giant nuts. (Gosh, that is a weird sentence to write).

3. Whoopie Pies

My dear husband, knowing my baking fails, bought me a store mix for whoopie pies. It would be near impossible to mess that up, right?



Whoopie pies are supposed to look like this.


My friend, Geni, knows how to bake.

My whoopie pies looked like sad little crisp chocolate pancakes.

The upside?

They still tasted good.

So, there you have it.

My three baking fails.

Ah well.

Life goes on.

You can’t be good at everything, right?