I’m seriously getting pretty giddy about my little trip around the world. I spent some time over the weekend figuring out where I want to visit. Here is the tentative list.

Again, give me a shout out if I need to swap out one country for another.

These are listed in alphabetical order:

1. America

2. Armenia

3. Argentina

4. Australia

5. Austria

6. Bahamas

7. Barbados

8. Belarus

9. Belgium


11. Canada

12. Chile

13. China

14. Columbia

15. Croatia

16. Cuba

17. Czech Republic

18. Ecuador

19. Egypt

20. England

21. Equatorial Guinea

22. Ethiopia

23. Finland

24. France

25. Germany

26. Greece

27. Hungary

28. India

29. Ireland

30. Italy

31. Japan

32. Malta

33. Maldives

34. Mexico

35. Morocco

36. New Zealand

37. Nigeria

38. Norway

39. Portugal

40. Russia

41. Scotland

42. Spain

43. Sweden

44. Switzerland

45. Taiwan

46. Thailand

47. The Philippines

48. Trinidad and Tobago

49. Turkey

50. Venezuela

51. Vietnam

52. Wales

Some of these countries scare the dickens out of me. Like Equatorial Guinea?!?! I didn’t even know where that one was on the map… let alone what kind of food they make.

Thanks be for the internet and the Barnes and Noble down the street. Turns out that Equatorial Guinea is a teeny tiny country situated in the west central area of Africa. Their food sounds delish- grilled fish with avacado sauce. Sounds like a perfect meal to try in the summer time.

See?? This is going to be fun!

Can you do me a favor?

If you have a tried and true delicious recipe from any of these countries (but specifically from the more obscure countries), would you email it to me? Help a sister out! leahjoywise@hotmail.com

I hope that you join me on this frightening and exciting culinary adventure.