I thrive on a plan.

I work out regularly… when I’m on a plan.

I eat healthy every day… when I plan my meals.

I have peace of mind… when I follow my plan.

I love a to-do list.

I love knowing where the minutes of my day will be spent.

I am married to the most adaptable man on the planet, so you can imagine my love of plans and his love of spontaneity can lead to conflict. But that is a story for another day.

Knowing this about myself, I thought I would challenge myself to do something new and fun with my blog for a year.

I’m taking a cue from our friend, Steve Fuller.

If you know Steve, you should be nervous that I’m following in his footsteps in any way.

He started with a tour of 52 churches in 52 weeks– all different faiths and denominations.

He is currently in the process of doing a Cincinnati Pub Crawl- 52 bars in each of Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods.

Fun, interesting stuff.

So, here is my thought.

I think I want to try to cook or create 52 dishes from 52 countries. One recipe a week for a year- visiting each country in my kitchen. And then sharing my experience with you.

I’m starting to plan my visits, and I hope that I can coerce some people I know to do guest posts on their culture’s cuisine.

I’m tempted to start now because I’m anxious to sink my teeth (get it?) into the project, but I think I will start in the new year.

Here is what I am hoping to hear from you- where shall I visit in my culinary adventure?

Do you have a dish from a country that I MUST make?

I want to make my experience as authentic as possible- meaning no boxed pasta with Ragu dumped over the top to count as my Italian experience. I want to make the food of the people.

I know I’ll do classic dishes from places like:










Those seem like no brainers.

Where else shall I visit? Is there any sort of cuisine that you think I must explore?

I’m in the process of making my plan, and I can’t wait for your feedback.

Hope you are all having the most wonderful week!