Today I want to talk about my gals… whom I lurve.

Jenni, Anne, Molly, Alison and I have known each other since we were wee tots.

We have preschool pictures that include the 5 of us, so when I say we go back… I mean, way back.

And one glorious weekend a year, we hole ourselves up in a cottage away from husbands, babies, work and the world.

And we laugh and eat and drink and eat and talk and eat…

You get the idea.

This year, we laughed the hardest at this:

Sorry for the poor quality, but this is a picture I tried to take of a video made in 1994 of us girls (plus a few others). Yeah, we were recreating Eric Nies’ claim to fame, the MTV hit The Grind.

You can tell it was The Grind by our incredible graphics.

If you are in your thirties now, I’m sure you remember that gem of a show.

Seriously, I wish I had video of this video to share. It is so embarrassingly bad.

And great, at the same time.

And as Molly said… “no wonder here why none of us ended up with a teenage pregnancy.”

I can’t believe the boys didn’t go crazy over my oversized cactus t-shirt and mom jeans.

Or Anne’s XL Aztec sweater.

And the backwards hats?


Pretty sweet looks if you ask me.

And clearly, years later… some people don’t change.

Eric Nies would be proud.

We ventured out to visit our Amish friends.

Does this pic remind you of anything?

I like to think we are the female, Amish-visiting, minivan traveling Reservoir Dogs.

That’s a giant Slim Jim. It was Jenni’s souvenir for her husband.

What a thoughtful gal.

An impromptu concert?


Want to know what the Amish do really well?

Baked goods.

Specifically hot, buttery, salty giant pretzels.

We made scarves out of old t-shirts.

And had a craft-a-palooza.

Brad continues to be flabbergasted at the thought of girls wanting to get together to craft.

Apparently, most men don’t do crafts on guys weekends.


This girl is the slowest. wreath. maker. ever:


Please note: one wreath STILL unfinished.

We were wilderness girls… creating heat to stay warm.

We drank lots of Grey Goose and wine. It was the first trip that no one was pregnant, so we toasted our friendship properly.

This was Lola’s first girls’ weekend, and clearly she couldn’t hang.

I feel so incredibly lucky to have these friendships that have withstood the test of time, distance, busyness and life changes.

I’m already counting down the  days until I find myself bent over in laughter with my oldest and treasured gal pals.



PS. Trouser Snake