I like to cook with wine.

I also like to drink wine.

So, this works out pretty gosh darn nicely for me.

I buy a bottle, pop it open, use a bit in my recipe, and then sip on the rest.

Bingo Bongo!

But what if (Heaven forbid!) you don’t like wine?

Well, first… you must be crazy.

Or maybe your taste buds are broken?

You should get that checked out.

What you should not do… is let your recipe suffer.

So, here is my Tuesday Tip.

Buy these guys:

I’m not recommending this brand specifically, but rather the mini-bottle 4 pack of wine.

Rarely in a recipe will you need more than one bottle’s worth of wine.

And the other three bottles will keep nicely in your fridge or a cupboard somewhere until they are needed again.

Don’t let your food suffer by omitting the wine.

And that folks, is your Tuesday Tip.

Have a good one!