Life is sometimes ridiculously unfair.

And I find it interesting when unfair things happen that people tend to respond in one of two ways:

1. They become a victim.

2. They become a fighter.

I want to introduce you today to three amazing fighters.

Meet Alison and Shaun.

I have known Alison since I was a wee tot. We met in elementary school, and we have been friends ever since.

And this, this is Carson.

He is Al and Shaun’s son.

When Carson was less than two weeks old, this young family’s world was flipped upside down.

Carson was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

Cystic Fibrosis is a disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. In the 1950s, children diagnosed with cystic fibrosis rarely lived long enough to even attend school. Now, thanks to research and advances in science, people with the disease can live until their 30s or 40s. However, there is no cure.

Talk about unfair.

And terrifying.

And anger inducing.

And devastating.

And talk about a time where a person would have every right to play the victim.

But, that is precisely NOT what Al, Shaun and Carson did.

The decided it was time to fight like they had never fought before.

And this weekend was just another round in their ongoing fight with this disease.

This weekend, Carson’s Crew had a huge fundraising event, and it was incredible.

Food, drinks, a massive silent auction and tons of raffle prizes.

It was an absolute blast.

And it was pretty amazing to see a room full of people joining in the fight with my friend.

See, I think that’s the thing.

Victims just lay down and let the world pummel them. And it is a sad and miserable sight.

And fighters.

Well, fighters dust themselves off, put their dukes up and they start swinging. And soon, a fighter isn’t fighting alone.

Co-workers, friends, family, neighbors- they feel honored to join the fight.

Someday soon, CF will no longer stand for cystic fibrosis. Rather, it will stand for Cure Found.

And when that day comes, Alison and Shaun will know without a doubt that they helped make that happen. And that will be a victory that I, for one, cannot wait to celebrate.

When Brad and I left the event on Saturday night, Brad turned to me and said,

“That was good for my soul”.

And I’d bet my last dollar that everyone there felt exactly the same way.

To see a community rally around a young family that is in the fight of their lives was inspiring.

And to see my friends, with smiles on their faces, fight for their son was inspiring.

Good for the soul.

Yeah, I’d say so.

Have a good Monday!



P.S. If you feel compelled to donate to CF research please, click here. Thanks.