Hi Nerds.

I’m bad at blogging these days, but I see that you are all somehow managing to survive without me.

I’ve been very busy these days on the homestead.

You see, it is harvest time at said homestead.

It is the time of year where I get dirt underneath my nails so that I can procure the crops from the past growing season.

It is hard manual labor. But, I somehow manage to get it done.

Before I share with you the backbreaking details, take a look at my crops in their full glory.

Are you impressed?

The gloriously large basil plant.

Now you understand, right?

Why I can’t be with you online everyday?

Do you think this basil is going to harvest itself?

Will it transport itself from the ground to my kitchen counter?


No, it won’t.

We recently added this high tech, super efficient harvest irrigation system.

It works so amazingly well for prepping the basil for the preservation process.

After the mounds of summer basil are cleaned for their storage through the winter months, I chopped them into the smallest bits.

And then I used my customized storage system for the final steps of the harvest.

Some people may call this apparatus an ice cube tray, but I call it the herbage preserver.

I fill each section with a portion of that chopped up basil, and I pop the herbage preserver into the freezer.

After a few hours, that basil is as frozen as can be.

So, I pop it out of the freezer and out of the tray.

Pretty fun, right?

I’m left with perfect teaspoon sized additions of fresh basil for my winter meals.

I bought my basil plans for $1.99 at the beginning of the summer. I know have enough pesto and basil to EASILY last through the winter.

Pretty clever, right?

My mama is a smart lady for she taught me the proper way to harvest my herby-herbs.

Up next?

Parsley, MORE basil, thyme, and oregano.

If you have an herb garden, don’t just let them wither and die. SAVE THEM!

I much prefer the freezing method to the drying method. When added to a dish in the frozen form, it maintains a brighter and fresher (is that a word?) flavor.

Have a great day!

I’m off to do more back breaking labor in the Wise family fields.