After my feel good post yesterday, I am back to my old self. To balance all of those happy thoughts, I shall now proceed to complain.

With that said, feel free to completely ignore this post. Lately, Facebook, Blogs and Twitter have all begun to drive me mad because of user’s complete lack of understanding of the English language. Please tell me that I’m not the only one that is driven crazy by simple grammatical errors.

In my opinion, if you have graduated from high school, there are a few grammatical errors that are completely unforgivable.

And shame on your professors, if you graduated from college and are still making these mistakes.

Grammatical errors really irk me. I make them, of course. And thankfully, my husband has a really good eye, and he catches many of them. I happily correct the errors, and I try very hard to remember to not make them again.

Here are my top 3 pet peeves:

1. Your vs. You’re


You’re smart.


Your smart.


Do you want to take your car?


Do you want to take you’re car?

To vs. Two vs. Too


Do you two want to go to the store too?

Its vs. It’s


It’s a bird! It’s a plane!

It’s is a contraction for ‘it is’ or ‘it has’. For everything else use ‘its’.


The dog ate its bone.

Their vs. There vs. They’re


They’re happy that their couch arrived there.

Here is an additional resource to figure out which word to use if for some reason you have made it to adulthood not understanding which word to use when.


2. Apostrophes.

Oh dear gussie. This is a big one. Some people really love an apostrophe so much that anytime a word ends in “s”, there is an apostrophe proceeding it.

Please, if this is you, there are very simple rules to follow to determine when to use an apostrophe.

Good old GrammarBook to the rescue once again.

3. I vs. me


Brad and I went to the store.


Brad and me went to the store.


Do you want to come with Brad and me?


Do you want to come with Brad and I?

Simply take Brad out of the sentence to figure out what is correct (it makes sense to say “Do you want to come with me?” not “Do you want to come with I?”

There are a million more grammatical violations that I see all of the time. And again… I’m not immune to making them. Please believe that I know there are rules that I break every single day. Case in point… my use of the “…”. I use these improperly pretty much everyday of my life. So, I will beg your forgiveness now.

And, if you do by chance continue to make these errors, I’ll still love ya. I’m just slightly concerned with the state of American grammar. That’s all. For now.

Tomorrow back to food and deliciousness.