My husband is in the midst of shooting his second feature film here in the Queen City. He is incredibly busy working well over 12 hour days, 7 days a week. He started writing this particular screenplay on New Years Eve 2008. Since then, he has done re-write after re-write, raised the funds to make the movie, staffed the crew with highly talented people, and cast the movie with some amazing actors (I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that he has done all of this with Joe Boyd, Isaac Stambaugh, the staff at the Vineyard, and countless others).

Photo Courtesy of Darrin Ballman– I grabbed it off of Facebook, and clearly somehow Brad wanted to be tagged officially in the post. I don’t know why his name is appearing right by his face. Ah, Technology.

I’m in awe.

And here is why.

I married a man that does what he dreams.

He dreamed of making movies. So, he started with a screenplay. And he kept stepping toward completing that goal.

As his partner in crime, I can tell you that this process is harder and more challenging than he or I would have ever imagined. Yet, Brad is making it happen. Every day.

Thanks to a heck of a lot of gumption, a great group of friends, family, and co-dreamers, and the willingness to really put himself out there.

So, he has me thinking a lot about dreams. I think asking “what is your dream for your life?” sounds WAY too close to a Dr. Phil question for my comfort level.

Rather than ask you that, I thought I would share some of the brave dream chasers I have seen in my life lately. These folks are inspiring me to figure out exactly what I’m dreaming of… and they make me want to chase it.

– Someone dear to me dreamt of a life out from under the cloud of depression. She wanted to be free, so she took the brave step to ask for professional help. And guess what? It is like she came back to life. She is living life in color again.

– Another friend wanted her own business. She had a vision of a business that would fulfill her and serve a need, so she planned and saved and saved and planned… and now she has the most perfect shop ever.

– Need another example? We have a friend finishing his third novel in a trilogy. He wanted to be an author, was passionate about writing, so he started putting the pen to paper. And now? Two riveting books down, and a third underway.

– A couple that we hang out with dreams of being free from having a boss and working the traditional 8-5. They are actively exploring franchise and small business opportunities so that someday soon they will be  business owners. They are passionate about freedom from “the man”, so they are researching, studying, talking to other small business owners, and taking steps toward that dream.

– Another friend wanted to be free from the extra weight he was carrying around. He dreamt of being there for his kids as they got older while living a healthier lifestyle. The first day at the gym, he was able to run for exactly one minute on a treadmill. But he kept going back, and the time on the treadmill kept getting longer and longer. He wanted to be in shape, so he started moving- and he has now completed several races, lowered his blood pressure, has more energy and is setting a good example for his kids.

One of the dreams that we had was to have a family. It took us more than three years, a whole lot of heartache and pain, a lot of doctor’s visits, trust in the Good Lord above, and a lot of personal exploration of alternative ways that might help us get there. And I can tell ya… it was so worth the challenge, the fear, the unknown, and the risk of heartbreak.

Another dream I had was to do find a way to share my passion for food. This little blog was born out of that dream. The blog is proof that sometimes a dream is easily attainable if you just take one tiny little step. I’m not looking for fame or recognition or whatever- I just wanted to write mostly nonsense and make and share good food.

I have a lot of other dreams that I’m still searching for the courage to pursue with abandon.

I know I’m not in the position to tell you all what to do- although I dream of having that power. I kid. I kid.

But I felt compelled to encourage you, my friends, to take one step toward something you dream of. And then, take another. And keep stepping. One foot after the other. Until you get where you were hoping to go.

I guess as I reflect on the immense joy that I have seen first hand in my husband, my friends and myself when we are brave enough to really go for it-  I mean, really go for it- I want the same for the people I care about. And you… you, are those people.

Lots of love to ya.