I have been watching more TV. I suppose that is to be expected. I’m at home on maternity leave. And while I’m not sitting in front of the TV all day, I do leave it on.

You know, for company.

Is that weird?

Here is what the TV has confirmed for me:

1. Local News is for the birds. The hard-hitting news stories include where the latest potholes are, some random bar is allowing smoking even though we are in a non-smoking state, and the arrest of a local union leader for embezzling money (OK, that one is somewhat interesting). Mostly though, I don’t understand who wants to hear these stories. Can someone shed some light for me?

2. Our government has lost it. When did this happen? Has it always been this way but I’ve only started paying attention in the past decade or so? I just feel like the word “ridiculous” is a very kind word to describe the nonsense happening in our nation’s capitol. Holla if you hear me.

I’m sure the new 12 member “Super Committee” will solve everything.

I loved Warren Buffet’s suggestion for solving the debt crisis. He stated that it could be over in 5 minutes if all of the politicians involved wouldn’t be eligible for re-election if the crisis wasn’t solved.

I don’t have a solution. But I am hopeful that those ding-dongs in Washington who are smarter and get paid more than me will figure it out.

4. I’m excited to see this movie. The trailer plays non-stop on the old Boob Tube. I am crossing my fingers that the movie is a fraction as good as the book was.

5. I read the Hunger Games series a few months ago. I tore through the three books with a quickness.

I loved the books, and I’m a little nervous about the movies that are being made right now. I think it will be nearly impossible to capture the books effectively. I hope I’m wrong.

Here are the recently released stills of Katniss and Peeta:

Hmmm. Not quite how I pictured them, but I think I can live with it.

If you haven’t read the books, you should. They are a super quick read, and they are very very good!!

6. The Fighter

Just watched this on Netflix. Christian Bale was awesome, and so was Melissa Leo. Wow.

I think our little guy was influenced by the film.

That’s all for today.

Have a good one,


PS. The most heart-wrenching story on TV is the coverage of Somalia. Hundreds of thousands of lives are at risk. Please consider helping.

Here is a great link to organizations that you can plug into to help.