I believe I am now a baby gift expert.

We have been blessed beyond belief with so many special gifts from so many amazing people.

If you need to pick up a baby gift, I thought I would share some of the fun and/or helpful gifts we have gotten.

5. Picky Sticky Month Count Stickers

These stickers come in a pack of 13. There is a sticker for the first day your baby joins the world, and then there is one sticker for each month of your baby’s first year.

You just pop a sticker on a plain onesie and snap a picture.

Here is Sir Henry’s first foray into modeling.

Or you can pop that sticker elsewhere to spice things up.

4. Mamma Mio Tummy Rub

This is obviously a bit more personal gift, so I would recommend only giving this to a friend.

This was the very first gift I received when I was first pregnant. My sweet sister-in-law gifted it to me, and promised that it would prevent stretch marks. And guess what? It worked!

I don’t know if it really works for everyone, but I’m a believer.

I have since sent this to new expectant mama friends.

Slathering it on was a delightful nightly routine.

3. I See Me Personalized Books

This book is so incredibly cool. It is 100% personalized with your child’s name. And the illustrations are bright and fun. I just know this will be any child’s favorite book, because who doesn’t love a book all about them?

By the end of the book, your babe’s name is fully spelled out.

This site is awesome because they have TONS of other books available. There are books for big brothers and big sisters, there are books for a Christmas or Hanukah, there are books telling a child who loves them. And they are ALL personalized.

If you have a special little guy or gal in your life, I really don’t think you could go wrong with this book as a gift.

And seriously… is there anything better than a book as a gift for a child?

I think not.

As a complete side note, a friend shared this article on how to talk to girls and it relates to this gift. So, check it out if you are interested.

2. The Miracle Blanket

So, the makers of this blanket weren’t kidding when they named this bad boy. It seriously is a miracle. The website promises that the miracle blanket (which aids parents in effectively swaddling their little guy or gal) will help ease fussiness, help babies sleep longer and more deeply, and it helps suppress twitches that may wake your baby.

Now, I believe that we were blessed with a pretty laid back and easy baby. But with the miracle blanket, little Henry has only been up once a night to eat from the time he was 2 weeks old. He grunts a bit when we wrap him up, but then the man drifts away to a deep deep sleep. Miracle.

(And don’t worry, I’m fully aware that a baby can change their patterns at any time- I’m not so naive to think that we are out of the woods where sleep is concerned!)

Additional Note: The other night, all of our miracle blankets were dirty (yes, I was a little behind on laundry- sue me). So, we tried our best to swaddle Henry, but he can bust out of our mediocre attempts. And guess what? He was up several times that night. Like I said, the Miracle Blanket has been nothing short of a miracle for us.

1. The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD

Ok, this was the easiest pick ever when determining what would be my number one recommendation for brand new parents. My mom received this DVD from one of her friends who has been a Labor and Delivery/Mom & Baby nurse for over 25 years. She said that this DVD accurately captures the tricks that nurses like her had been using for years.

The DVD is narrated by Dr. Karp who is a pediatrician (with over 30 years of experience) and a child development specialist. He outlines 5 steps to help calm a crying baby. These soothing techniques can lead to an additional 1-3 hours of sleep for parents by activating your baby’s calming reflex.

This 30 minute DVD was so very helpful to both Brad and me. The main thing that it did for us was equip us with tools to try when Henry started to fuss and cry. The 5 Ss have worked for us thus far. I will seriously be getting this DVD for every new mom that I encounter from here moving forward.

If you live in Cincinnati and are expecting, we have a copy that you are welcome to borrow!

So, there ya have it. My top 5 gifts so far. I feel compelled to say that every gift, every outfit, every blanket, every practical item from diapers to pacifiers have been useful and it is so appreciated.

Now, I implore you.

What must we have moving forward? What are some of your favorite gifts to give and/or receive?

Hope that everyone is have a great Wednesday.