my new favorite obsession

Are you familiar?

I had never even heard of the site until a few friends told me that I HAD TO check it out. Seeing that these friends are usually fairly trustworthy, I took their word for it.

And boy, were they right.

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It is a place online to store and organize your favorite sites and/or ideas that you find on the web. So, lets say you see a fabulous recipe for something like Cilantro Lime Rice, you can “Pin It” and it is stored in the recpies that you want to keep on hand.

Here is how it shows up on my Pinboard:

Neat, right? I have several Pinboards that I can save my favorites to…. Books I want to Read or recommend, Things I love for the Home, Products I Love/Want to Try, etc.

So, how is it different than a bookmark?

Well, this is what I love most about Pinterest. As a Pinterest user, you get to see what other people are pinning. I follow several of my friends and they follow me. I also get to see the “Best of Pinterest”. If I see an intriguing recipe or idea from one of my friends, I can easily grab the idea and repin it to my board.

Here is a screen grab from this morning of ideas that people are sharing with me:

Fun, right?

The web is so gosh darn  full of splendid ideas, and pinterest helps me remember sites that I want to visit again, ideas I MUST remember, and it lets me see what other friends have found.

I love virtual sharing.

So, I think that you should join today.

And then let me know so that I can follow you!

I’m really just getting started in figuring this whole pinterest thing out, so we can do it together!

Have a great weekend!

Start Pinning.