The other night, Brad and I were sitting on the patio unwinding from our day. We started talking about what type of parents we want to be, and we decided it would be smart to capture some of our thoughts. Then, from time-to-time, as life creeps in and stress levels mount, we can give ourself a litmus test of sorts to make sure that we are staying committed to the ideas that are important to us.

So, here is my question for you…

1. If you are a parent, what type of parent do you strive to be? Creative? Forgiving? Structured? ect.

2. If you grew up with parents or a parental figure (which I’m assuming is pretty much everyone), what did they do 100% right? What are your best memories? What qualities would you encourage a new parent to emulate?

I know that life (and particularly parenting) cannot be planned out meticulously, but I think having goals is a good thing.

Thanks friends.