Please forgive me for a moment while I brag on my husband.

You don’t mind, do you?

I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Brad has big dreams.

However, unlike a lot of people with big dreams, Brad passionately pursues his dreams.

He has never been a “someday I’m going to…” type of person.

Rather, he chases every dream and passion with abandon. And I just love that about him.

With that said, a few years ago Brad had an idea to make a romantic comedy. And that dream will come true in a few short months when shooting begins.

It is not luck.

It is pure hard work by Brad and the amazing team of friends, creatives and visionaries that are in our lives.

While waiting on funding for the romantic comedy to be fully realized, the opportunity arose to create a micro-budget (that means exactly what it sounds like- super duper low budget) film.

And that film is currently in post production.

I’m excited to share with you the trailer for Fenced Off.

Now, what shall I wear to the Oscars?