Monday night is the night that Brad loads up our trash and puts it on the curb. We are also fortunate that we live in a neighborhood where the township workers come and pick up our yard waste.

So last night, there was a storm a-brewin’ and Brad hurried to get everything to the curb. He left the backyard with a large bag of weeds and sticks and general yard leftovers, and walked through our gate toward the front yard pulling the gate closed behind him.

Now, before we proceed with the story lets take a look at our precious pup, Lola.

This was her on Monday night while the sun was still shining.

Well, about 8 pm Brad and I were sitting down for dinner when we noticed two things:

1. A massive storm was about to start- we flipped on the TV, and there was in fact a tornado warning for our area.

2. Lola was nowhere to be found.

We searched every room in our house yelling for sweet Lola, but to no avail.

Brad popped his head out in the backyard and realized the gate door didn’t latch when he took the yard waste to the curb, and our Lola Belle saw her chance to choose her own adventure.

This isn’t the first time Lola has made an escape. She can’t help it. She is a hound, and her nose beckons her on grand adventures.

Normally, we’ll grab her leash and some treats to try and lure her home.

But we couldn’t do that last night.

The sky was black, the wind was howling, and branches were being blown about.

And all I could think about was the fact that this precious pup was out there- and she was likely very scared.

Now, I have a nasty habit of assuming the worst.

And, these days, I have slightly elevated hormone levels.

So, I stood at the front door about to go into hysterics while I pictured Lola being swept away by a funnel cloud.

Or pelted by flying lawn furniture.

Or run over by a car because visibility was so poor.

Or smashed to smithereens by a large branch.

I felt helpless that our ding-dong pup was out there on a very scary night all alone.

I begged Brad to get into his car and just go drive around the block looking for her. And yes, I was ok with him leaving in the middle of a tornado warning.

I didn’t say that I have a logical brain.

Clearly, I do not.

Brad refused to leave while the storm raged on.

I continued to bite my lip to not go into the ugly cry.

Eventually, the storm died down.

Brad grabbed Lola’s leash and some treats, and he headed out to hopefully find our beloved ding-a-ling.

I waited.

And waited.

I said a prayer.

I looked out the window.

I waited some more.

I texted some dog lovin’ family and friends to send their prayers Lola’s way.

And eventually…

Eventually, Brad walks through the door with a soaked to the bone Lola.

The minute I saw her, I was relieved.

And then I wanted to kill her.

Brad proceeded to tell me that as he searched for Lola, a neighbor walked toward him with Lola on a leash.

Apparently, Lola was mid-adventure when the storm hit.

She must have been scared because she burst into our neighbor’s house unannounced.

Our sweet neighbors graciously allowed her to take cover while they too waited out the storm.

Here is Lola after her return.

Still pretty darn wet.

But also pretty exhausted.

I like to think she was glad to be home.

But part of me knows that she likely loved every moment of her grand adventure.

Nothing like a tornado and a dog escape to take an otherwise Monday evening and turn it into a drama packed evening.

I’m hoping for a calm and relaxing day today.

I hope for the same for you, my friends.