Now that the Royal Wedding has passed, I shall comment on it.

I hesitate to admit that I got rather swept up in the hoopla surrounding Kate and Will’s wedding. I don’t fancy myself someone that is obsessed with royals, but this was a big deal. And the media really gave me no option but to become obsessed.

So, here are my observations.

1. This was the hottest guy at the wedding. Sure, he couldn’t get his little badge thingy on the correct side of his jacket, but Good Gravy… this man is close to perfection.

Do not even attempt to argue with me on this point.

It is a steadfast fact.

2. I think Kate had the most perfect and beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen. I loved it from the Grace Kelly-esque lace top to the extra padding around her hips designed to make Kate’s waist look even smaller than it already is.

I loved the veil, I loved the tiara, I loved the flowers.

I thought the whole thing was perfection.

Sure, it may not be the best pick for a wedding held in the States in some hotel’s reception hall. But this dress was sublime for a Princess.

Pippa’s dress was beautiful too- mostly because her body is the perfect figure. I’m just not sold on the cap sleeves. Thoughts??

3. Remember when Prince William looked like this?

He was the hot prince then.

4. I wonder if Kate wonders what happened?

5. I’m not sure when exactly it happened, but Harry became Hot Harry. And seriously, he looks like trouble. And fun.

It has to be fun to be the Prince that will never have to be King- all of the privilege with so much less of the responsibility.

I could become obsessed with Harry and Pippa if they ever started dating. I think they should. They look good together.

Someone please let them know that I have requested they start dating. Thank you.

6. The hats.

I have mixed emotions on the hats.

I love them because they are classic and fancy and fun and so different than what I wear.

And then I hate them because they are ridiculous and strange and they certainly must get in the way.

But then I love them because they are the ultimate accessory.

But then I hate them because they can exude a serious amount of “try”.




Super Duper Uber Love:

And, that is all that I have to say about that.

Thanks for the mems Kate and Wills. Now, go make some babies.

I think that is what royals do right after they get hitched, right?

This post is ridiculous.

And I own it.

Happy Tuesday,