Happy Mother’s Day to my Momma.

Thanks for making me a million breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Even though I hated every minute of trying new foods, I sure do appreciate your tenacity now. Thanks for teaching me my way around the kitchen, and for showing me through your example how I can make the kitchen the heart of my home.

Thanks for reading to me, and for helping to foster my love of stories. I loved the nights where all of the girls would pile into a bed to hear what would happen next with the March girls or in the Little House series.

Thanks for not coddling me with every little bump, scrape, bruise, or illness. You knew that was not what I needed. I appreciate now that you made sure that I was fine and then sent me on my way.

Thanks for being steadfast in your beliefs. You are a woman of conviction and faith, and yet you have allowed us all to figure out what we believe, why we believe it, and have encouraged us to own our ideas.

Thanks for modeling a strong, healthy and happy marriage- and thanks for letting me know when I was dating a turd bird. You, more than anyone else, showed me how important my choice in a spouse would be. And boy, you were right. I’m so grateful that you and dad both helped me to understand what a real union and partnership can and should be.

Thanks for teaching me that good isn’t always good enough- you knew and expected that we all could and would be great. You believed, even when we didn’t, that we were smart enough, capable enough, strong enough for just about anything.

Thanks for showing us what really matters in life. Faith. Family. Friends. Quality Time. Discipline. Giving. Nurture. Love.

I celebrate you from afar today, and I am giving thanks that you are my momma.

Happy Mother’s Day!

*Sorry to my brother, Justin. I seriously don’t think I have a picture with all of us together.