I disappeared for a few days.

Turns out this baby o’ mine is anxious to join the world, so we had to give him or her a good talking to at the hospital.

All is ok, and now I’m on bed rest for a few short weeks.

I am so grateful that I work in a job that allows me to work from home because I think I would lose my marbles sitting around watching Maury all day.

So, today in honor of being back home and to work, I thought I would talk about a few books that I have recently finished.

I do have ulterior motives, however. I want to hear from you what the best book(s) are that you have read in the past few months. I’m going to have a little time on my hands- especially over the weekends, so I want to devour as many good books as possible.

So, I know I’m like 11 years late to the game with reading this book:

I read Angels & Demons when it first came out, and then for whatever reason I didn’t dive into the DaVinci code. If you happen to be one of the 3 people left on the planet that haven’t read DaVinci code, I would recommend it. It is a super easy and fast read that kept me easily entertained the whole way through. I wouldn’t call the novel great literature, by any means, but Dan Brown can tell a compelling story.

Next Up:

I had read a few good reviews of this book, and it piqued my curiosity. One Day tells the story of Emma and Dex (love those names) over a 20 year span of friendship. The story is told on one particular day of each year, so you get a snapshot of what the two have been up to over the last 364 days. The story started out really slow, but then… it hooked me in.

I ended up loving the story. It was unexpected, and I love the unique structure to the book. It is a great beach/summer book for any of you heading somewhere sunny and warm anytime soon.

What I’m reading now:

Love Wins by Rob Bell. Have you heard of it? Old Rob Bell has made quite the waves in the Christian community with this book. In the book, Rob questions one of the more debated and controversial aspects of Christianity- the afterlife. What is it exactly? Where do we go? Who “gets in”?

I love someone that creates meaningful controversy, so I’m anxious to finish this book up and see where it falls in line with my personal beliefs.

Finally, I’m making my way through this:

This book was an unexpected surprise from my friend Julee at my baby shower. The woman knows that food makes my heart happy, so I have been devouring (haha- get it?) this book that outlines everything to feed your baby from the time they start solid foods until they are three years old. It has been incredibly interesting, and it aligns very closely with my feelings on food that I feed Brad and myself.

So, now… I implore you… to give me some good book recommendations. No genre is off limits. I really love to read just about everything. But I prefer to read books that have been recommended.

So, I thank you in advance.

I still have a few recipes to share that I have already cooked and captured on my camera that haven’t made my way to the blog yet. So, stay tuned!