I’ll start by saying that when I started this blog, I promised myself that I would never be too serious.

I want this blog to be a place where people can pop on by and maybe be a little entertained for a moment while they forget about all of the stress that the world can bring.

However, I feel it necessary to acknowledge Bin Laden’s death.

My hope is that with Osama Bin Laden’s departure from this world, that the families and friends of the victims of 9/11 feel some sense of justice or perhaps peace.

I have been and will always be proud to be an American.

And now back to the regular nonsense that I talk about.

I’m sure you all get tired of hearing about what a fabulous man that I married.

Today, I would like to state for the record that I’m exceptionally grateful to be married to a man that loves the arts.

This weekend, I bought tickets to go to the ballet, and my husband was completely on board to check it out. It was his first ballet experience ever. Not too many men that I know would be game for 2+ hours of ballet.

But this ballet was special. It was the New Works performance by the Cincinnati Ballet Company which means that the ballet is not at all traditional. It also meant for this performance that the ballet was accompanied by the band, Over the Rhine.

Do you know Over the Rhine?

We have been fans for a long time of this amazing husband and wife duo. The music can move from fun and punchy to heartbreakingly beautiful.

Over the Rhine started in Cincinnati, and they have quite the local following. They tour all over the U.S, and they consistently sell out their shows.

I implore you to check them out, and if they are in your town… buy. a. ticket.

You will not regret it.

So, now I’d love to introduce you to Karin and Linford AKA Over the Rhine.

A little jazzy and bluesy:

And a little country and bluegrassy, but not too much… I promise. The song starts around 1:43:

And oh, so beautiful. Try to listen to this and not feel something. Impossible:

To hear Over the Rhine live is always a special treat. And then to see them perform with the ballet was stunning.

There were a couple of numbers that had me moved to tears. And other songs made me want to get up and dance. It was a truly special performance.

So, here is my Monday challenge.

1. Download some new music. I love new music on the iPod or in my car. It makes me happy. And I’m always looking for someone new and fun to listen to, so if you have any suggestions…  let me know!

2. Support the arts in your community. See a musical, see a play, go to the symphony, go to the ballet, go to a museum, go to an art gallery, or shoot- go to your local high school’s spring play production. I think you’ll be glad you did.

3. Give thanks that Lola returned after escaping yesterday. Yes, Lola. Escaped.

On Sunday afternoon, Lola was basking in the sun filtering in through our front door. The screen door was closed; however, unbeknownst to us, it was not latched. So, when a cat went walking through our front yard, Lola lept up. She slammed her feet against the door causing the narrowest of openings. She saw her moment, and she slipped on out the front with the door slamming behind her. By the time we got out to the front yard, she was about 4 houses down.

Fortunately, she chased that cat into a neighbors fenced in backyard. I wrangled her and put her on a leash, and dragged her home.

I think she was remembering the thrill of her mouse kill. And this time she wanted more substantial blood.

Ladies and gents, I think we have a cold blooded killer on our hands.

That’s all for now.

Have a great Monday!