According to the color wheel, I have a red thumb.

Or a black-kiss-of-death thumb.

Or maybe even no thumb at all.

What I’m trying to say is that plants that I place into the ground don’t normally do so hot.

And I promise you this… it is not because I don’t try.

I try hard.

I love and coddle my precious plants. I play them music. I sing to them. I give them encouraging words. I cover them if it is a potentially frosty night.


They betray me.

By dying.

A slow and pitiful death.

A couple years in a row, I have lovingly planted tomato plants with dreams of harvesting them all summer long. In my dreams, I would have so many  I could make batches and batches of salsa, tomato sauce, pico de gallo, caprese salad, and the list goes on and on.

But then there is reality.

Reality: Come home from work.

Run outside to check on my tomato progress.

See one or two tomatoes that will be perfect for pickin’ in just ONE MORE DAY.

On the next day, come home from work.

Run outside to check on my tomato progress. Develop big plans for how I will use those juicy sweet delights.

Only to find them GONE.

Some sneaky animal stole every darn tomato that ever got even close to being ripe every time.

After two years of being outsmarted, I give up.

All of my tomatoes are now harvested at the local farmer’s market.

That being said, there has been one (count it, ONE) genre of planting that I have had wild success with. And because I have tasted the success of growing plants, I shall continue.

I give you herbs. Herbage.

Cilantro. I love the stuff. I think people either love or hate cilantro. If you hate cilantro, your taste buds are wrong.

That is a fact.

Cilantro is a must for any salsa or pico de gallo or guacamole. It is also the perfect topper to an otherwise bland salad. I love a little cilantro mixed in with regular greens.

Dill. Dill grows fast and wild. I lurve it. Bagels and Lox… don’t mind if I do.

Potato salad? You’ll need some of this green goodness.

Oregano. I only plant one little oregano plant because that seems to be a-plenty. I tend to use more oregano in the fall and winter months; however, there is usually a time that I long for some of the fresh goodness in the summer.

Rosemary. Rosemary is woodsy and earthy, and I love it. If you can get your rosemary to grow heartily in the summer, it can last all year round. That is my goal with planting this good stuff now. Like oregano, I don’t think of using rosemary all that often in the summer, but I love to have a plethora on hand for when the weather cools.

However, lamb or chicken on the grill loves it some rosemary smeared on it.

Basil is the first herb I ever planted in my own garden many moons ago. I love basil, and it grows awesomely in Ohio. I love it on chicken, on a salad, paired with those farmer’s market tomatoes, or in pesto form.

I also planted some rocket AKA arugula.

Spicy lettuce. It is one of my faves.

And then some regular lettuce too.

The best news is that I got all of these buddies into the ground before the rains came. So, they have been getting watered like crazy. I don’t know if our yard has ever been this green. It is quite pretty.

And these herbs are growing like wild.

If you love to cook, an herb garden is a must. It is a super inexpensive way (each of those plants cost $1.98- that is less than one small package of herbs at the grocery store) to enjoy an abundance of fresh herbs all summer long.

Hope that everyone is faboosh.

Oooh, and who is counting down to the royal wedding? I’m excited! Not 4 AM excited, but rather, re-runs throughout Friday excited.

Have a good one,