1. It is so dang wet outside. I’m over it.

2. I’m never eating french toast again without orange zest grated into the egg and cream mixture. It is truly heavenly.

3. I think Coconut m&ms may be the invention of the century. For some reason, they are nearly impossible to find. So, it feels like a major accomplishment when I acquire a precious pack of them. Thanks be to Bradley for my “Easter basket” containing the coveted coconut treats.

4. I like scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch.

5. I know this is odd for most people, but playing cards bores me to tears. And watching people play Texas Hold Em…. well, that is really boring. Good thing the people I was watching were fun and interesting. Otherwise…. well, I just don’t know.

6. I miss fancy Easter dresses. I remember as a kid making the trip to the mall before Easter to pick out a new pastel colored dress, AND my one pair of white shoes that I would wear from Easter to Labor Day. I always wanted a hat, and my mom always said no. What the heck?

7. People that can sew impress the heck out of me.

8.  Last weekend, my sister-in-law Jana and my friend Liz threw me the most amazing baby shower. It was lovely, the food was amazing, the cake was delectable, everyone that came was overwhelmingly generous, and a fab time was had by all. Our little one is already loved tremendously.

9. When your brakes start making a grinding noise, you should have them checked out. Grinding could very well mean that your brakes are seriously about done working for you. And if they stopped working… well, that could be very bad news.

10. Poor Lola is suffering immensely through all of this rain. So, today she shall be set free inside a massive warehouse for running and fun with my husband. Thanks be for large open spaces for crazy hound mutts to wear themselves out.

And, thats all.

Have a great Monday.

I hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are.