Things are verrrrrrry interesting in Ohio right now.

Perhaps you have heard of Senate Bill 5? It aims to abolish the collective bargaining rights of unions.

I would now like to discuss the 50 reasons I believe in this bill, and then I’ll move on to the 50 reasons that I don’t believe in this bill.

Yeah, I’m kidding.

I wouldn’t put you through that.

I hear you thanking me.

You. Are.Welcome.

Rather, I invite you to shift your focus from the things of this world to Blintzes.

A blintz is basically a thin crepe that traditionally uses yeast. Normally, it is served with a creamy and sweet light cheese stuffing, and then fried up in a pan. Normal crepe toppings are piled on top.

Well, my favorite girl in the kitchen, Ina Garten, gifted me (ok, not just me- the whole world via her cookbook) with the recipe for BAKED blintzes. So, you know, you can make a WHOLE PAN of this goodness to eat throughout the week.

I saw the recipe and knew that my life would not be complete until I made these.

And now I can say without hesitation that your life will not be complete if you don’t make these.


Let’s get started.

Preheat your oven to 350.

First we need to make the batter- that is going to be very similar to a crepe batter. I like to make crepe batter in a blender.


Easy mixing, pouring, and clean up. Boo ya.

Let us begin by adding 1 1/4 cups of milk to the blender.

And then add 1 t. of vanilla.

Note: Do not then put your ceramic teaspoon into the garbage disposal and turn in on. It will shred your teaspoon beyond repair, and you will have to duck to avoid shrapnel shooting from the disposal.

Butter time.

Add 4 T of melted butter.

And then 4 eggs.

Organic and free range. These chickens are happier therefore their eggs taste better.


Now add 1 1/3 cups of flour.

And 2 T. sugar.

1 T. of baking powder.

Now, blend it.

Get out a 9 x 13 pan, and butter the pan.

Now pour in half of the batter (about 1 3/4 cups) into the pan.

Pop that into the oven for 10 minutes.

While that is baking, let’s make the filling.

Put 8 oz of mascarpone cheese into a large mixing bowl. Mascarpone is found in the gourmet cheese area in my grocery store near the goat cheese and brie.

Add in 3 cups (24 oz) of ricotta cheese.

I use the low fat/skim ricotta.

You know, for my waistline.

Crack 2 eggs.

Then, add 1/3 cup of sugar.

Give it a mix.

Add in 1 T. of lemon zest.

I had a huge lemon, and one lemon gave me just enough zest for 1 T. However, if you have small lemons you’ll likely need two.

Now add in 2 T. of lemon juice.

I love it when you can use the whole fruit.

Zest and juice, no waste!

1 /2 t. vanilla

And 1 t. of salt

I actually only used 1/2 t. because I’m a rebel.

Mix it up.

Pull your pan out of the oven.

It should be set, but not browned.

Pour in your filling. Spread it evenly to cover the pan.

Now, carefully add the last 1/2 of the batter (from your blender).


Pop that back into the oven for 35-40 minutes until the top is lightly golden.

Give your poor neglected pup some love.

You both deserve it.

So, what on earth would Ina develop to take these blintzes to the next level?

Well, I’ll tell ya.

A warm blueberry sauce.

I would take a bath in this stuff.

Wait. That doesn’t really make any sense.

So, no bath.

Maybe I would bottle this stuff and drink it.

What I’m trying to say is that it is VERY good.

Get out a sauce pan.

Squeeze about 3 oranges into the pan- 3/4 c.

Add in 2/3 cup of sugar.

And then 1 T. of cornstarch (found in the baking aisle near flour).

Bring that all to a boil while stirring it.

Once it is translucent and thickened, stir in 2 pints of blueberries.

Simmer for 4-5 minutes until the berries just start to burst.

Then stir in 1 t. of lemon zest.

Pop in 1 T. of lemon juice. Stir it up, and allow the sauce to cool.

Purple and pink and thick and sweet and gooey and delicious.

And hallelujah!

Here is the fully baked version of the blintz.

Cut it into squares.

I wrapped my squares up individually so that they were easy to grab on our way out the door.

But, you know I had to eat one right away.

Topped with the sauce that was still warm and delicious.

Perfect for a week of breakfasts.

Or perfect for a party.

Or a brunch.

Or even dessert.

They are just perfect.