I’m feeling tired.

It is Friday, and it has been a looooooooong week. Can I get an amen?

Some days, I just don’t feel the creative juices flowing in the kitchen.

Some days, I want to pop a frozen pizza in the oven. And I do. And I’m happy.

I think a day or two off from creating- whatever it is you love to create- is necessary.

My main man has a creative mind, an he always talks about the importance of input when you are trying to creatively output. Sometimes you need to see someone else’s creativity to move you to creative action once again.

So, on days like today, I turn to some of my favorite inspirational sites.

Have you been to the Gawker sites?


I’m not going to lie.

Food Gawker is like Food Porn.

It is heavily addictive so beware!!

Here is what it looks like when you click the link:

All of the content from Food Gawker comes from reader submissions. Each picture is from an individual’s blog that they have submitted for inclusion on the FG website.

They are beautiful.

And they range from appetizers to desserts, and from vegan to slabs of meat.

And I find them completely inspiring!

There is also a Craft Gawker, Wedding Gawker, and Dwelling Gawker. Please believe they are all equally addictive!



Now, I’m not getting married.

And at this point in my life, I don’t know really anyone that is planning a wedding.

But this site is still crazy addictive.

So, check it out. Especially if you or someone you know may be getting hitched in the future (KS, I’m talking to you.).

And finally.


I die.


I love this.

I love it for ideas in my own home, and I LOVE a peek into how other people live.

So, there you have it.

Check them out and be inspired!

The very best news about these sites? They are updated a couple of times a day, so there is always something new to feast your eyes on.

So, today I’m in intake mode. I want to look at other people’s creations and get filled up.

Hope you all have a great Friday and a perfect weekend!