1. The Super Bowl is over. Charles Woodson, a cornerback and the team captain of the Green Bay Packers, went to my high school. For some reason, it made me care about the game. At least a tiny little bit.

What I like the most about the Super Bowl is the food. We went to our friend’s house, and the beer brats and tater tots did not disappoint.

I do not get Black Eyed Peas. Fergie cannot sing. will.i.am is the best of the group, in my opinion. I have no clue what the other two guys do or why they are in the group. Anywho, at least they have a catchy tune or two that they managed to sing off key.

2. George Clooney, Marissa Tomei, Ryan Gosling, and Paul Giamatti are all in Cincinnati for the next several weeks. George is shooting a movie called Ides of March. I feel like I might need to start stalking the locations because I love Ryan Gosling.

Everyone. Put your thinking cap on. If you were Ryan, where would you be in this great city? Who am I kidding? He is probably reading my blog.

Ryan, call me.


3. I’m putting a pot roast in the the crock pot at noon today for dinner tonight. Yum. More comfort food for more snow. Only 2 little inches by the end of the day.

4. I’m making blueberry blintzes tonight. That is for breakfast tomorrow. This is my first blintz attempt, and if it turns out well, I will share the recipe this week.

5. A Beetles cover band appeared on an early morning news show today. Now, I have “I Want to Hold Your Hand” in my head. Thanks, fake Beetles.

6. The Pioneer Woman is also coming to Cincinnati. While she is not as big as George or Ryan, I do plan on heading to her book signing because I love her blog.

7. A nap on a Sunday makes my life.

8. Check out this video of Lola bobbing for a Craisin.

9. The Main Man and I spent some time in an antique store yesterday searching for the perfect artwork for our bathroom walls. The best part of the trip? I didn’t even have to coerce my husband to join me on the adventure. Oh, and we found some good stuff.

10. This was one of my favorite commercials during the game last night:

And that is all that I have to say this Monday morning.

Hope that your week starts out fabulously!!