Well, MORE SNOW came last night.

I would give you my left pinky toe if you could make it all melt and then warm up the city of Cincinnati.

I am ready to see the green tips of tulips poking up from the ground.

I am ready to wear less than 32 layers when leaving the house.

I am ready to not have to burrow under a blanket to stay warm in each room of our house.

Unfortunately, we have at least another two months of this cold and snow and ice.

That being said, will you help me?

I’m looking for ideas for a vacation or a long weekend get away.

Here is my wishlist:


-Not all inclusive

-Outdoorsy activities- hiking, biking, water fun (if your suggestion has a beach)

-Good restaurants nearby

-Flight from Ohio to destination 4 hours or less- that means anywhere in the states excluding AK and HI, and we could also make it to most Caribbean destinations

And, that’s about it.

So, PLEASE help me out. Throw out a suggestion or two!! Even if your favorite place isn’t warm, I’d still be interested in hearing where you recommend.

How good does this look right now?



or even

So, give me your suggestions. Please and thank you!!

Happy Monday!