So, today was a first.

I whisked Bradley away to have PRK surgery. For those of you that have no clue what that is, PRK is a vision correction surgery. For some reason, Brad’s eyes wouldn’t respond well to Lasik, so PRK was his only option.

Fun fact: fighter pilots receive PRK not Lasik, so Brad is pretty much a fighter pilot now, right?

I’m not sure what Brad’s issue was that prevented Lasik, but perhaps this photo provides some insight.

I’m a pretty supportive wife, right?

Instead of lavishing him with encouraging words and holding his hand, I’m snapping pictures of him while he crosses his eyes in this get up.

So, here is what I loved about today.

I got to watch the whole procedure.

The doctors office has a private observation room for the family of the patient.

It has a window into the surgery area.

Not only that, they projected Brad’s giant eye onto a TV screen.

So, in very clear detail, I could see the step by step process.


Best part? They served refreshments in the observation room. Score!

Kinda like going to a movie.

I know the picture doesn’t show much, but on the TV is Brad’s eye.

Brad was laying down off to the left.

I only had my iPhone with me so none of the pictures are great.

I really wish this last picture came out because the big blue eye was like Big Brother looking down on me.

So strange.

The whole time I was observing (while enjoying some treats), this is all that I could think of:

And that was my day today.

The end.