1. It is snowing in Cincinnati. Snowmageddon 2010. We got about 3 inches overnight, and from the non-stop coverage you would think that we got 3 feet. This city is so strange when it comes to snow. People freak out. And drivers forget everything they know. They should stop it.

2. I spent yesterday with some co-workers volunteering at the Salvation Army Christmas Angel shopping experience. It was a really fun day, and I’m grateful that I work with a company that values giving back to the community. I’m also grateful that I really, really like the people that I work with day in and day out.

I wish I had pictures from yesterday. The best part, in my humble opinion… there was an auxiliary of women who spend all year making doll clothes. The have dolls that look very similar to the popular American Girl Dolls. Every mama of a 5-8 year old girl gets to pick out a doll for her daughter. The doll comes with the most darling hand made outfit on her. AND, the ladies give an additional outfit and a quilt so that the doll has a place to lay her head with her new owner. The work these women did was amazing. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t snap at least one picture.

3. I’m thinking about keeping the Christmas tree up full time. It looks so pretty in our living room. This year, on our way home from the lake we stopped at a Christmas tree farm where Brad was given a saw to cut down our own tree- Clark W. Griswold style. He manned up and sawed the tree down like a true lumberjack.

When the tree hit the ground, three mice ran out- and I ran off.

As fast as I could.

To the car.

The lovely Christmas tree salesman guaranteed that by the time we got home, there would be no more mice in the tree.

When we pulled the tree up to our front door, I thought it would be wise to do one last mouse check.

I pulled back a branch, and…


Me running inside.

Brad propping the tree up against the house because he had to go to work, and he couldn’t deal with a mouse that REFUSED to leave the tree. Or a wife that was very illogically deathly afraid of said mouse.

The next morning, we went out to rid the tree of the mouse forever.

Only to find that a cat had relieved itself all over the tree.

Now, one of the main benefits of a live Christmas tree is the piney smell that greets you as you walk into your home.

Cat pee does not have the same allure.

I promise you that.

So, it was decided… a new tradition would be born.

The outside fresh cut Christmas tree would don our backyard.

And inside- a FAKE!

Now, I grew up with artificial trees. So, I’m all about a pre-lit tree that stores in a lovely box in the basement. Brad came from a live tree family, but I think he had visions of his crazy wife jumping every time she walked past the tree thinking a mouse attack was impending. Or maybe she would complain of the strange acrid scent filling up her home. Either way, Target provided the gift of the tree for our family this year.

And all I can say is, thank ya Target.

Merry Christmas Friends!!