OK, people.

Are you getting tired of hearing about my holiday pseudo-baking endeavors?

I have one more teeny-tiny recipe for you today, and then I’m done talking about holiday sweets for at least another year.

This “recipe” (I’ll use the term loosely because these treats are so easy, the word recipe hardly seems suitable) comes from my cousin Kari’s kitchen. She started making these salty sweet treats a few years back.

And I like I do with any good idea, I stole it.

We’re talking pretzel rods dipped in caramel and chocolate.

Now, Kari is a whiz in the kitchen and she gets creative and fancy with her pretzels adding drizzles of white chocolate sometimes or a green or red smattering of sprinkles.

By this point in my Bake-a-palooza 2010, I just wanted to be done.

I wanted to take my treats and eat them in front of my TV.

So. No sprinkles. No fancy dancy chocolate drizzles.

Please forgive me.

You’ll need a whopping 3 ingredients for these treasures: pretzel rods (I used 2 bags), one bag of Kraft caramels, and 1 bag of chocolate chips (you could use dark, semi-sweet, or milk chocolate).

Start by unwrapping the caramels.

This is, by far, the only tedious task in this recipe.

Toss them into a small sauce pan, and add 2 T of water.

Turn your burner on to medium, and start a-stirrin’.

Keep stirring until it looks like this.

Resist the urge to stick your finger in there.

Or to lick the spoon.

Both will burn.

I may or may not know that from first-hand experience.

Have I mentioned I have very little willpower?

Take a pretzel and dip it in. I like to dip them in only about halfway.

Once dipped, let most of the caramel drip off of the pretzel. Then further remove excess caramel by giving your pretzel a slide up the side of your pan.

Lay your pretzels out on a (you guessed it) parchment lined sheet pan.

If you don’t remove the excess caramel, you will have giant caramel pools around your pretzel sticks. And those aren’t pretty.

Believe me.

Two years in a row, I had these top heavy, oddly shaped caramel mess pretzels because I couldn’t restrain myself enough to remove the excess caramel.

I have learned my lesson.

Pop those in your fridge to cool and harden up a bit.

Melt your chocolate in a double boiler (see Monday’s post if you don’t know what that is or how to do it).

Pull out your cooled pretzels, and give them a second dip… this time in melty delicious chocolatey chocolateness.

Back onto the sheet pan they go.

Then, back into the fridge again.

When the chocolate has hardened, you are good to package them up!

Or, more realistically- eat them up.

Now, these are the perfect snack for me because they satisfy two cravings.

The salty pretzel perfectly balances out the sweet of the caramel and chocolate.

So good!

Guess what?!?

It’s Thursday!


Happy Holidays,