My goal this week is for everyone who reads this to pack on a solid 5 holiday pounds.

It is good to fatten up for the colder weather.

And all of these holiday weight gain goals give you ammunition to develop a really strong New Year’s resolution.

So, today we shall discuss peppermint bark.

If you are looking for the easiest possible holiday treat to make and give to people, look no further than the peppermint bark.

You need three whopping ingredients: white chocolate chips, regular chocolate chips, candy canes

You need one bag of white chips, one bag of regular chips, and one package of candy canes per 9×11 sheet pan.

Let’s get started!

Get out your whopper-jangled double boiler. This is what I call my make-shift double boiler.

If you don’t know what a double boiler is, scroll down to yesterday’s post for a quick tutorial.

Melt your chocolate chips. I was making two sheet pans, so I melted one bag of semi-sweet chips and one bag of milk chocolate chips. I think if you could find some dark chocolate to melt, this bark would be elevated to a whole new level.

Line your sheet pans with your most necessary holiday baking accessory… parchment paper.

Spread your chocolate onto the pan.

Pop that into the fridge to harden and cool.

Now, lets start melting our white chocolate.

I used Ghirardelli chips for the white, semi-sweet, and milk chocolate chips. They make a chip that is heads and tails above Nestle or the store brand.

In my humble opinion, it is very much worth the slightly higher price.

While that is melting down, we shall destroy our candy canes.

Take off the wrapper (unless you love that plastic flavor), and break the candy cane into larger sizes. Drop it into your food processor.

Chop ’em up.

Look at that white chocolate.

Mmmm… melty, creamy, deliciousness.

Take about 1/4 of your chopped candy canes and mix that right in to your white chocolate.

Mix it up.

Pull out your hardened chocolate, and quickly spread your white chocolate on top.

Work quickly. You know, your hot white chocolate could start to melt your dark chocolate if you aren’t a Speedy Gonzales.

Once you have your white chocolate spread all over the regular chocolate, sprinkle the rest of your chopped candy canes on top.

Isn’t that the prettiest thing you have ever seen?

It’s tasty too.

Pop that back into the fridge as well, and let the whole shabang harden up.

Once it is hardened (15 minutes or so), break it up. I used a knife to help me, but uniform pieces are not required. Just crack it until it is delightfully un-uniform in shape.

There you have it.

Holiday Treat Numero Dos.

Tomorrow, I shall give your sweet tooth a rest (just for a day!). I’ll be giving you a savory holiday treat recipe.

I am getting more in the holiday spirit all of the time.

Have a Lovely Tuesday my friends.

With Christmas Cheer,