On my recent girl’s weekend, we made crafts… and lots of them! I have already ranted and raved about craft time with some of my favorite people, so you are spared from more of my dribbling on.

I thought today, in honor of Thursday, I would show you how to make those super nifty vinyl record bowls.

They are a snap.

I have some pictures, but please remember the pics were taken with my iPhone- so they aren’t the highest quality.

Visit your local record shop or thrift store. Pick out an album that you like, and bring it on home.

Set your oven to 220.

You need to find 2 oven save bowls to help you mold your record as it begins to melt.

One bowl should be significantly smaller than the other. You place your small bowl face down on a sheet pan. Place your record on top of the small bowl. Then place your larger bowl on top of that.

Put the whole set up in the oven, and turn on your oven light.

You’ll see the plastic of the record eventually start to soften and bend.

You may need to intervene with tongs or an oven-mitted hand to help the top/larger bowl help mould the bowl with ease.

Once the record has slumped over the smaller bowl, pull the whole kit and caboodle out of the oven. Can you see the record peeking out from the white bowl beneath?

Let it cool for a moment, then lift off the larger bowl.

At this point, you will have a second or two to quickly shape or alter the record bowl before it cools completely.

And that is it!!

I would recommend buying a few extras because it may take a time or two to get it just right.

Also, I would recommend buying vinyl records and a record player for your home. I’m telling you that nothing feels warmer and cozier than vinyl playing while you read, eat dinner, chat, whatever!

Brad’s all time favorite album is Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue. If you don’t know this album, you are living a life deprived.

Happy crafting!