My sister, Emily, is home on Christmas break from Ohio University.

OU is my alma mater as well, and the Christmas break is pretty fabulous. Finals for the quarter occur right before Thanksgiving, and students are at home from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

For most students, it is a time to get a holiday job to make some cash to take you through the end of the year.

I talked to my most darling sister earlier today, and she was really complaining that I haven’t updated my blog lately.

I profusely apologized.

And I promised to update it right away for her.

I don’t want to leave her without something to read.

So, Em… here you go.

She’s a photogenic one, isn’t she?

Want to see her favorite animal?


My parents live in a wooded area, and deer frequent their front yard.

If you see Emily, ask her about her numerous near death encounters with deer.

And when I say near death, I mean one was in our driveway and Emily thought she was going to be charged and stampeded to death. And so she called my dad (who was in the house) from her cell phone (outside of the house) for help. I don’t think he ran to her rescue.

Anyway, here is my point.

Well, I don’t have one.

Have a lovely evening!!

Love ya Em!

XO, Leah