Have you seen this movie?


We went and watched it over the weekend, and it made me angry and motivated and desperate for change.

Here is the trailer:

Obviously, this is a film with an agenda, and I recognize that it is only showing one group of people’s point of view.

But I HIGHLY recommend that you take the time to go see this movie. I think it will affect the way you think about our current schooling system profoundly.

What the movie does make inarguably clear is that many children in our country are being failed by the current public school system, and that the effect of this failure will change the trajectory of our nation.

There are critics of this movie, of course. I don’t believe that there is a silver bullet out there for education reform- if there was, wouldn’t we have found it? I also don’t believe that charter schools are the answer (as the movie states, only 1 in 5 are intensely successful- many are disastrous, in fact).

What the movie does show, is that there are schools that are knocking education out of the park- and they are doing it with a diverse base of students.

I don’t think that I ask much of you, do I?  But I am  going to ask you to do this one tiny thing for me. Please see this movie.

It will get ya thinkin’.