Do you have a Teavana near you?

Ooh, Nelly.

I hope you do.

I am an avid fan of coffee.

I want to be clear about that.

I will never leave nor forsake coffee for it gets me through the morning unlike anything else.

However, I do enjoy a cup o’ tea in the afternoon or evening- especially as the weather turns colder.

And Teavana delivers.

They have a million different loose leaf tea choices- white, green, black, oolong, and the likes!

Included in the options are high-octane caffeine filled teas and naturally caffeine-free teas.

I’ll say this.

The salespeople, at least in my store, are maniacs.

They love tea in an unnatural way.

And they put the pressure on you to love tea on the same level.

And they want you to fill your entire kitchen with the stuff.

But don’t let those zealots stop you from visiting.

You’ll like it- promise!

I suggest making tea a ritual. It brings a calm unlike any other drink in my opinion.

Here is my little cool fall evening tea ritual.

Boiling my water in my Target teapot.

Then I grab my canister full of my loose leaf tea.

I found this at, you guessed it, Teavana.

Pretty, non?

Tonight I’m making White Ayurvedic Chai Tea- it is cinnamon-ey and a little spicy.

My favorite all-time Teavana flavor is Youthberry. I keep a tin of that at work. It is fruity and light and deliciousl

I use my mesh tea bag.

Guess where you can get one of those?

Yep, Teavana.

By the way, this is not a paid endorsement.

I just love their darn store.

The whistle blew.

Tea time.

By the way, tea tastes better in your fine china.

If you have some, I promise it feels even more like a treat when you break out a special cup and saucer and make a cup o’ tea in it.

Have a good one my friends,