I was in college in the late nineties.

And *NSYNC was all of the rage.

My junior year I lived in my sorority house with 60 some other girls.

And many of these girls had a problem.


With this guy.

And yes, that is what he looked like during said obsession.

While living in the sorority house, I had two fabulous roommates.

I’ll call them Molly and Meghan.

Well, because those are their names.

In our room, we watched one of three things before we fell asleep before bed each night:

1. Tommy Boy- I seriously know every line

2. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- Again, every line.

OR 3. *NSYNC’s Madison Square Garden Concert

Every moment of that video has a memory attached to it from that year.

This is the clip that really got Molly and Meghan going:

And then there was this one that my friend Anne would dance to- if I ever get myself a scanner, I’ll share some pictures of those moves with you.

This clip also influenced a Greek Week Airbands Legendary Performance. I’m certain I’m not biased in anyway.

She could do the moves at least as well as Lance.

Lets face it… Lance wasn’t the best dancer.



Just watching these videos, I’m dying laughing all while recalling the sweet dance moves. It makes me nostalgic for that time and that room. I would love to go back for just one more night of college-aged fun and debauchery. Grateful for those memories.

Now, I liked *NSYNC, but my real Justin crush started when this video came out:

For the premiere event of Cry Me a River, a group of us gathered around a community TV and had a mini heart attack with every frame of this video.

Lets all take a moment to remember when Justin was the jam.

And when he was making music.

Go back to the music Justy.


For me. And Molly. And Meghan.

Not going to lie.

That video still gives me the quiver.

Have a good day all of my dearly beloved friends!