I’d like to take a minute just sit right there,

I’ll tell you how my man started a movie making affair.

This is my annual reference to the Fresh Prince.

You know, he probably deserves more recognition than that, but the right opportunity doesn’t come up all that often.

So, my dear Bradley… he is entering in to the movie making business.

I won’t bore you with the plethora of details, connections, hard work, and planning that have all serendipitously led to this moment.

But I will tell you this.

Brad wrote an amazing script, recruited and hired a talented crew made up of both paid professionals and dedicated volunteers, and cast the most talented group of actors.

And now, he is directing a movie.

The main man directing.

There is something about a man in charge that really does it for me.

Can I get an amen?

We are halfway through the shoot.

I use the term “we” loosely. I haven’t really done anything outside of cooking some food for the cast and crew. But I do feel like this is a project that Brad and I share. Because, you know, we’re life partners and all.

So, this movie is happening now. And the really crazy thing is that there is another script in the works for the spring. That movie will have a larger budget, cast, and a longer shooting schedule.

I do know that God is working mightily to make all of this happen.

And I’m living in a serious state of gratitude.

I visited the shoot over the weekend with my parents. It is so fun to see everything come together. Hearing and seeing actors play the roles that I have read and re-read during revision after revision of the script is a pretty wild experience.

I snapped some pics- they aren’t great at all, but I think these are the moments worth capturing.

On a side note, I would like to state for the record that sleeping with the director will not guarantee you a lead role.

Or even an extra role.

What the heck?


Here is some of the cast and crew.

This is Josh. He’s the lead actor, and he is wicked talented.

It has been a blast having him stay with us during the shoot.

I would like to state that this man is an incredible eater. He is about as fit as they come, yet he eats three times more than the average man. I love a good eater!

This is a very serious discussion about something very important.

This is Lori. She is the script supervisor, and she is one of the most incredible volunteers I have encountered.


Boom operator.

I have learned that the black-and-white-start-the-scene-thingy actually serves a purpose.

Who knew?

Well, probably a lot of people.

But I didn’t.

I think the poor guy, Travis, holding the boom seriously has the hardest job.

I have a cramp just looking at him.

Camera man and actors with the director thrown in there.

Yet another serious discussion about a serious topic.

I’m sure of it.

Getting ready to capture sound.

Isaac is Like a Boss.

Lets make some magic, people!

I have decided that there is nothing cooler than seeing someone’s dream come true.

Especially when that someone is a man that you are just crazy about.

That’s all for now.

And, scene.