Ooh, Nelly.

You heard me right.

Steel cut oats.

In a crock pot.

With other yummy things.

Just waiting for you to eat first thing in the morning.

Now, you must learn to pronounce the title of this post correctly.


Spoken like Aunt Linda.

Check her out:

I have two friends. Lets call them Annie and Debbie. You know, to protect the innocent.

Whenever you tell them anything remotely interesting, they respond with a “WHAAT?” spoken just like Aunt Linda.

And for that reason alone, I try my darndest to come up with something to tell them.

The “WHAAT?” is like a drug. I need to hear it.

Anywho, I digress.

This oatmeal is dee-lish.

And it is perfect for anyone with a busy morning routine.

Because this breakfast is waiting for you when you awake.

Not bad, eh?

So, you need steel cut oats to start.

It is absolutely imperative that you use steel cut oats. Do not use instant oats or old fashioned oats. They cook far too fast, and you will be left with a mush of a breakfast.

Steel cut oats can be found anywhere. I bought mine in bulk from a specialty store, but the chain stores have these bad boys too.

They will either be in the cereal aisle or in the fancy-pants-I’m-way-better-and-smarter-than-you-normal-peons-organics aisle.

And you’ll need to pull out your old buddy, Mr. Crock Pot.

Why, hello.

VERY IMPORTANT: Spray your crock pot with non-stick spray for this recipe. You risk having some seriously crusted edges if you do not heed this warning.

My friend Liz suggests those liners you can buy in the plastic bag aisle at the grocery store. I have never purchased them, but after cleaning the crock pot after this recipe… I think I’m persuaded to give them a try.

2 cups of the steel oats go into the crock.

I added two tablespoons of brown sugar.

And a tablespoon of cinnamon.

And because I am trying to learn to accept and love nutmeg, I thought I would give it another chance.

Albeit, a small chance.

This is about 1/4 t- 1/2 t of nutmeg.

If you like the flavor, you could do a whole teaspoon.

I wouldn’t do much more than that because nutmeg is pretty potent.

Now, for real vanilla.

Anytime someone I know vacations to Mexico, I ask them to buy me some of this stuff.

It is delish and cheap.

And real vanilla is the only way to vanilla happiness.

Can I get an amen?

I put in just shy of a tablespoon.

I had this lovely Jonathan apple. I thought apple in my oatmeal would be pretty darn good.

So, I peeled it and chopped it and I dropped it in.

I wanted to add raisins too at this point, but Bradley said no.

Bradley told me raisins would ruin this dish, and that he would never speak to me again if I added them.

And well, I like talking to Brad.

So, I decided I could add my raisins to my individual bowl in the morning.

To make this marriage work, I make sacrifices.

Here is what makes the recipe special.

Extra Autumny Special.

Apple Cider.

I lurve the apple cider.

Add in 4 cups of apple cider.

Then, 4 cups of water.

I only added in 3.

And I definitely should have added in 4.

So, 4 it is.

Stir it up.

Put a lid on it, and turn on low for 8 hours.

Make sure you time it right so it is ready for you in time for breakfast.

If you have a super sonic Crockpot like me that seems to cook everything a little aggressively, you may need to cut it back to 7 hours.

Go to bed.

Then, wake up to the smells of cinnamon and apples and warm hearty deliciousness.

Please note my hot pink robe sleeve.

This picture really was taken early in the morning.

My oatmeal still got a little crusty around the edges.

I blame my overachieving crock pot.

I just scooped from the center though, and it was perfection.

I added in those raisins I wanted.

And because it was Monday.

And because I was feeling naughty.

And because I was mad at my crock pot for overachieving and causing crusty edges.

I added a splash of half and half.

Hey, at least it wasn’t full on cream. That is what I really wanted.

Stir it up and serve with a large coffee.

Making mornings more bearable everywhere… Crock Pot Oatmeal.