Sometimes, I worry about myself.

I will get a wild hair, and it ends up causing trouble.

For example, take a look at one wall in our office at home.

The wall of closets.

This is a very white wall.

With three very white closets.

And a very strange white textured wall.

This little set up bothered me.

Especially, the two closets on the right with sliding doors.

They never really slid.

And they were only ever filled with treasures.

So, I asked my feng shui expert what to do.

She really listens to me.

You know, really makes me feel heard.

And together we decided 2 of the 3 closets had to go.

So, they went.

All of a sudden, this ding-a-ling wasn’t so sure about our fool proof plan.

I don’t have a picture, but the strange textured wall is gone too.

And so, I’m working on repairing the walls.

And then, I’ll repair the crown molding.

And then, I’ll repaint the room.

And then, I’ll think about how those two closets really weren’t so terrible.


Wish me luck, my friends.

What have I done?